Railway Accidents and Incidents in the Ottawa Area

In the past accidents were regarded as the opportunity for a social event

In this page we will set out the more significant railway accidents, derailments, collisions etc. that have occurred in the Ottawa area.
The area covers any railway within the boundaries of the following points:

Coteau, Rigaud, Hawkesbury, Montebello, Maniwaki, Waltham, Chalk River, Brent, Madawaska, the Kingston and Pembroke Railway down to Kingston and the St. Lawrence River from Kingston to Coteau.

 Because of the great number of accidents it is impossible to list all of them so these are limited to accidents involving:

  loss of life or significant injury to passengers or train crew
  passenger trains
  significant number of cars derailed
  other significant accidents or incidents
  accidents for which the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has produced a report.

Grade crossing accidents with highway vehicles have generally been omitted, as have trespassing incidents and accidents where employees have fallen off trains, unless there is a significant number of fatalities 

Set out below, in chronological order, is a general listing with hot links, where available, giving further information on the accident concerned.

In addition to the detailed listing below this pdf file sets out a large number of accidents reported by the regulatory body and from newspaper files:
Accidents in the Ottawa area from official reports and newspaper files

An Analysis carried out by the Board of Railway Commissioners into Ottawa area accidents 1922 to 1929

You may either scroll through the list or click on the period below

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Before 1889

 1856, November 18 - GTR gravel train derails near Yonges Mills - two killed, one injured
 1859, September - Two early accidents on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway at Perth and Franktown
 1859, December 2 - Train hits a hand car on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway. Three killed
 1870, September 2 - Brockville and Ottawa Railway mixed train runs off the track at Pakenham. No injuries.
 1870, October 1 - St. Lawrence and Ottawa passenger train is derailed north of Prescott Junction
 1871, January 10 - Passenger fell from a St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway train.
 1871, February 13 - Derailment of a St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway passenger train at Billings.
 1871, December 4 - Brakeman killed by hitting his head on a bridge near Arnprior.
 1873, January 20 - St. Lawrence and Ottawa passenger train derailed near Prescott Junction.
 1873, June 21 - Boy fell between the wheels of a train at Stittsville, Canada Central Railway, one fatality
 1873, June 30 - St. Lawrence and Ottawa train runs into cattle near Ottawa
 1874, May 20 - Derailment of Canada Central Railway passenger train at Britannia, no injuries
 1874, June 23 - A horse stumbles over a viaduct on the Union Forwarding Company's horse railway.
 1876, March 26 - Derailment of St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway train at Montreal Road, no injuries.
 1877, May 3 - Section Foreman Chancey Benton is killed near Sharbot Lake while moving track materials on the Kingston and Pembroke Railway
 1878, January 30 - A broken rail causes derailment of a St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway train at Gloucester. Minor injuries
 1879, April 3 - Derailment of Canada Central Railway train at Bells Corners, no injuries.
 1879, April 22 - Derailment of Kingston and Pembroke train which hit a washout
 1879, September 12 - Conductor killed when his head struck a bridge near Arnprior
 1880, February 3 - head-on collision at Franktown.
 1881, January 19 - St. Lawrence and Ottawa passenger train is derailed at Osgoode
 1881, August 13 - Locomotive derailed after hitting a cow, Prescott, Grand Trunk, 1 killed, 7 injured.
 1881, October 12 - Collision at Masson
 1884, June 9 - Collision at Papineauville, Canadian Pacific, 1 killed several injured.
 1884, September 20 - Derailment at Renfrew, Canadian Pacific, 1 killed.
 1885, January 24 - Passenger train derailment at Smiths Falls, Canadian Pacific, 2 killed, 2 injured.
 1885, August 22 - Two children cut down on the Canada Atlantic Rideau River Bridge.
 1885, September 28 - Head on collision between a mixed train bound for Brockville and a freight train at Stittsville. No injuries
 1886, April 14 - Canada Atlantic Railway rear end collision four miles from Ottawa, no injuries.
 1886, June 8 - Bridge collapse at Petawawa, Canadian Pacific, 1 killed, 4 injured.
 1887, March 16 - Baggage car on a Canadian Pacific train overturns when approaching Union Station, Chaudiere. One fatality.
 1887, March 18 - Passenger train collides with freight cars near Bell's Corners, CPR., Carleton Place sub.
 1887, March 26 - Two freight trains collide at Franktown, CPR., Chalk River sub., two locomotives and 16 freight cars derailed
 1887, April 22 - Locomotive and thirteen cars derail, Grand Trunk Railway, Morrisburg, two fatalities.
 1887, September 26 - A passenger train derails and burns when the track is destroyed by brush fires at Eastman Springs (now Carlsbad Springs), Canada Atlantic.  All four passenger cars turned over and burned.
 1888, October 12 - Brockville and Westport train derailed near Phillipsville, no human injuries.
 1891, August 12 - Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada Atlantic Railway.
 1891, October 6 - Canada Atlantic train hits a fallen tree near Glen Robertson - two seriously injured
 1892, March 30 - Derailment of Canadian Pacific "Soo" express at Hull, 2 killed.
 1892, August 21 - Head on collision between two freight trains at Avonmore, Canadian Pacific, 1 killed.
 1892, November 16 - Derailment of a work train at Stagg Creek, Ottawa and Gatineau Valley Railway, 4 killed.
 1893, February 11 - The passenger train from Aylmer collided with a light engine on the wye on the approach to Broad Street station, Ottawa, Canadian Pacific.  1 injury.
 1893, July 29 1893 - PPJ light engine derails when running into a herd of cows and horses near Parker.  11 horses and 1 cow killed.
 1894, September 24 - Derailment at Britannia, Canadian Pacific Railway.
 1894, October 26 - Thirteen freight Cars derailed at Central Ontario Junction, No Injuries.
 1894, October 27 - 18 sheep killed in a derailment at Lebreton Street, Ottawa on the OA&PS.
 1895, September 21 - Derailment between Douglas and Renfrew of an Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound train conveying the paymasters' van.  No injuries
 1896, March 18 - locomotive derails when driving rod breaks on the Toronto Express at Britannia.  No injuries
  1897, January 21 - Canada Atlantic wayfreight derails at an open switch west of Barrys Bay, 3 killed, 1 injured.
 1897, January 25 - Collision between a Hull Electric passenger car and a sweeper at Deschenes
 1897, June, 16 - 25 freight cars destroyed at South Indian, Canada Atlantic Railway when a freight train ran into empty cars which fouled the main line.  No injuries.
 1897, July 7 - A Hull Electric freight train collided with a Hull Electric car full of picknickers on the wye at Aylmer. 1 injury.
 1897, August 31 - 13 freight cars and the locomotive tender derailed at Goshen, OA&PS.
 1897, October 14 - Passenger train collides with a freight train at Stittville, Canadian Pacific, 5 killed, 1 injured.
 1897, October 27 - Rear of train collides with front portion at Iroquois, Grand Trunk Railway, some twenty cars derailed. One injury.
 1897, December 5 - A CPR freight train crashes into a CAR freight train on the diamond at De Beaujeu
 1898, March 1 - Rear end collision of two freight trains, 3 miles east of Smiths Falls, 2 killed.
 1898, March 13 - Derailment at Sharbot Lake
 1898, March 17 - Head on collision at Merrickville - sixteen cars destroyed.
 1898, June 10 - Ottawa and New York Railway work train derailed at Embrun, 4 killed.
 1898, July 24 - Two passenger trains collide head on 1 miles east of Pembroke, Canadian Pacific, 9 injured.
 1898, December 4 - CPR freight trains runs into a CAR train at the diamond crossing at De Beaujeu (St. Polycarpe).
 1898 December 5 - CPR Soo Express collides with freight cars on the main line at Pointe au Chene, no injuries.
 1899, January 5 - A Pembroke Southern train jumped the buffer at the Pembroke station.
 1899 January 7 - Collision between a sleigh and a train at Main Street, Ottawa, O.A. & P.S. Railway, two fatalities
 1899, February 17 - Derailment of a passenger train at Green Valley due to a broken rail. 10 injured.
 1899, March 10 - An Ottawa and New York  broke a driving wheel tire near Hawthorne. No injuries.
 1899, March 13 - A Pembroke Southern train derails at Beggs Farm, near Pembroke, and ran into a field.  The coaches were partially overturned.
 1899, August 8 - St. Polycarpe, Canada Atlantic Railway.


 1900, December 10 - Soo Express derails at Haleys.
 1901, March 20 - CPR Toronto express runs through an open switch at St. Polycarpe, one fatality
 1901, June 14 - an axle breaks on the tender of an Ottawa and Gatineau Valley Railway train to Gracefield at Hull.  No injuries.
 1901, September 5 - an axle breaks on an O&NY train at Russell
 1901, September 20 - CAR Mail Train Derails Near Vankleek Hill - No Injuries
 1902, January 30, Collision at Renfrew CPR, one fatality
 1902, May 26 - an O&NY passenger trains derails just north of Crysler. No injuries
 1902, June 17 -  Canada Atlantic passenger train runs through an open switch at Alexandria, no injuries
 1902, July 25 - Toronto Express collides with freight cars left on the main track at Smiths Falls, no injuries.
 1902, August 5 - Brockville and Ottawa train ran through an open switch at Smiths Falls, no injuries.
 1902, November 22 - Collision at Harrowsmith, Kingston and Pembroke Railway, no injuries
 1902, December 2 -  Rear end collision on the GTR at Morrisburg - two fatalities
 1903, April 8 - The CPR Soo Express rear ends a freight train near Calumet, Lachute subdivision, one brakeman killed
 1903, September 27 - The west bound Soo express collides with a freight train at Hurdman.  Four injured.
 1903, November 9 - A westbound Canada Atlantic passenger train derails completely at the switch at Graham Bay.
 1904, February 2 - A passenger train from Prescott collided with a light engine while crossing the engine round house yard at Ottawa West.
 1904, February 5 - 16 freight cars and a tender derail at Killaloe, Canada Atlantic.  No injuries.
 1904, February 9 - Canadian Pacific head-on at Sand Point.
 1904, February 27 - Colonist car derailed on the Toronto Express, three miles east of Smiths Falls, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.  5 injured.
 1904, July 6 - Derailment of a mixed train at Marks Crossing, CPR Maniwaki subdivision.  No injuries.
 1905, January 16 - The three freight cars and the combination passenger car on the Brockville and Westport mixed train derailed and rolled down an embankment half a mile west of Lyn.  
  1905, September 11 - Rear end collision between the Soo Express and the Continental Limited at Hammond, Canadian Pacific M and O subdivsion.
 1905, October 2 - Two Killed While Trying to Board a Moving Passenger Train at Ironsides, Canadian Pacific Maniwaki Subdivision
  1905, November 21 - Derailment in the yard at Smiths Falls, Canadian Pacific Railway, engineer killed.
 1905, December 3 - Derailment at Iroquois,  no injuries.
  1906, September 9 - Freight train rear ended on the Grand Trunk at Renfrew.
  1906 December 10 - Hull Electric Railway collision at Deschenes.
  1906, December 12 - a Grand Trunk Freight train cuts through the Kingston and Pembroke mixed at Renfrew Junction
  1907, January 3 - Collision between a freight train and a streetcar at Beechwood Avenue, 1 killed, 5 injured.
 1907, January 30 - Head on collision between eastbound and westbound Imperial Limited trains at Renfrew,  2 injured
 1907, March 1 - Head on collison between a passenger train and a freight train at Mountain, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.  2 killed, 3 injured.
 1907, April 13 - Passenger train derailed at Sand Point, Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision due to a split rail.  Engine, tender and mail car passed over dangerous spot, first and second car derailed.  3 injured.
 1907, June 4 - Freight train derails where track crew is replacing a broken rail two and a half miles west of Sand Point, Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision,  1 killed.
 1907, June 22 - Head on collision between a freight train and a light engine at Carlsbad Springs, Grand Trunk. 1 killed.
 1907, August 23 - A Canada Atlantic Railway locomotive runs through an open drawbridge and lands in the Rideau Canal.
 1907, September 11 - Collision between a freight train and a extra train of passenger cars (empty) at Plantagenet, Canadian Pacific M and O subdivision.  1 killed 1 injured.
 1907, November 12 - Head on collision between two freight trains at St. Polycarpe, Grand Trunk.  1 killed.
 1907, December 11 - Collision between passenger train and freight train stopped by a semaphore at Carleton Junction, 2 passengers and 3 dining car employees injured.
 1908, February 8 - PPJ mixed train derailed by a broken rail at Deschene
 1908, February 15 - Derailment at Hawthorne caused by broken rail, Canada Atlantic, 2 killed 7 injured.
 1908, February 28 - The "Winnipeg" passenger train derailed completely at Payne (Eganville Junction), Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision. Four cars overturned.
 1908, September 2 - Derailment of a passenger train at mile 4 Point Fortune sub.
 1908, September 21 - Canadian Pacific passenger train runs through an open switch at Aylwin, Maniwaki subdivision.
 1908, December 3 - Head on collision Pembroke, Canadian Pacific.
 1909, March 3 - Grand Trunk section hand killed on track car Rockland, Hammond sub
 1909, April 2 - Head on collision at Sand Point, Canadian Pacific.
 1909, May 6 - Mixed train derails at Vinton, Canadian Pacific Waltham sub., no injuries.
 1909, August 16 - Grand Trunk mixed train derails at Carson Lake after a cloudburst. The fireman was killed.
 1909, May 20 - Collision between a passenger and a freight train at Prescott
 1909, September 9 - Work train 1565 collided in the yard at Monklands, Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision, 1 killed.


 1910, April 22 - Collision between Kingston and Pembroke train and Kingston, Portsmouth and Cataraqui Electric streetcar, some injuries
 1910, July 25 - The Mocassin passenger train is derailed at Brockville through sabotage. No injuries.
 1911, March 25 - Collision between a light engine and the Gatineau passenger train, Ottawa, Broad Street
 1911, April 15 - Canadian Pacific train runs into a washout near North Wakefield, Maniwaki subdivision.
  1911, December 14 - Brockville and Westport train derailed near Delta, no injuries.
 1912, March 8 - Collision between a passenger train and a freight train on the Canadian Pacific near Hull.
 1912, October 2 - Bay of Quinte Railway, Kingston.
 1912, October 19 - Collision at Sharbot Lake, CPR., Havelock sub., one fatality
 1913, January 12 - Rear end collision, Prescott, Grand Trunk.
 1913, March 11 - Derailment at Casselman, Alexandria subdivision Grand Trunk.
 1913, March 27 - Derailment at Maxville, Alexandria subdivision Grand Trunk.
 1913, May 12 - Derailment at Renfrew, CPR (K&P)
 1913, May 22 - Collision at Chesterville, one injury.
 1913, June 25 - Derailment of a Canadian Pacific passenger train at McKellar near Ottawa.
 1913, August 16 - Rideau Canal swingbridge, one killed.
 1914, January 22 - Derailment at Meath, Canadian Pacific, Chalk River subdivision, 1 killed, 11 injured.
 1914, January - Passenger train collides with a freight train at Calumet, CPR Lachute subdivision
 1914, February 17 - Passenger train derailed by a broken rail at Mountain, CPR Winchester sub.  Engineer killed.
 1914, February 21 - GTR Passenger train derails at South Indian (Limoges) - no serious injuries
 1914, May 14 - Derailment of a Grand Trunk train near Golden Lake, Pembroke line, no injuries.
 1914, June 20 - head-on collision between two freight trains, GTR (OA&PS) Kinburn,  two deaths
 1915, August 23  - Two Canadian Pacific Freight Trains Collide at Christy Lake, no injuries
 1915, October 18 - Pontiac line train hits a cow near Connaught Race Track, minor injuries
 1916, May 3 - Toronto to Montreal night fast express was derailed by a broken rail at Winchester, Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision.  No injuries.
  1916, May 8 -  Passenger train derailed between Perth and Sharbot Lake, CPR Belleville sub.
 1916, August 29 - Head on collision at Apple Hill, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.  3  killed.
 1916  October 30 - Fourteen freight cars derail on the GTR Vankleek sub. near Breadalbane
 1916, December 27 - Rear end collision at St. Polycarpe Junction, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision, 6 killed, 5 injured.
 1917, June 3 - A freight train is derailed at Mountain, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision by a broken rail.  1 killed.
 1917, September 10 - Five people are killed at an accident at a crossing at Vars, Grand Trunk Railway, Alexandria subdivision.
 1918, May 11 - 12 cars derailed on a freight train at South Indian, GTR Alexandria subdivision
 1918, May 19 - Fireman and Brakeman Killed in a Head-on Collision at Christie Lake, CPR Belleville sub.
 1919, April 22 - Canadian National Passenger train derails at Elgin, Smiths Falls sub. No injuries but VIPs aboard
 1919, May 31  - Grand Trunk Passenger train derails four coaches at Cardinal, Kingston subdivision.
 1919, October 23 - Gtrnd Trunk train 19 derails at Rideau station, Kingston sub. Minor injuries
 1919, October 21 - New York Central passenger train to Cornwall and Moira is derailed while leaving Ottawa Union station.
 1921, April 30 - Derailment at mile 119.7 Beachburg subdivision, Canadian National. No injuries.
 1921, October 11 - Grand Trunk passenger train between Pembroke and Golden Lake is derailed at Dore Bay by spread rails. Minor injuries.
 1922, January 21 - Derailment at Ellwood, Canadian Pacific Prescott subdivision, 1 killed, 21 injured.
  1922, July 31 - Crossing collision at Hull, St. Florent street, two fatalities
 1922, October 6 - Crossing collision with CNR motor car 15813, one injury.
 1922  November 8 - CPR conductor loses his life in a derailment in Smiths Falls yard
 1924, October 23 - Head on collision at Deschenes, Hull Electric Railway.
 1924, December 24 - CNR Transcontinental train No. 1 is derailed locomotive and seven cars at Woodlawn, CNR Beachburg sub. Minor injuries to engine crew.
 1925, February 26 - Head on collision in front of Canadian Pacific Glen Tay station, 1 killed, 29 injured.
 1926, August 31 - Derailment to a Grand Trunk train at Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, no injuries.
 1926, September 7 - CNR passenger train hits a fall of rock at Chaffeys Locks, no injuries
 1926, October 27 - Westbound transcontinental train derailed three cars at Alice, Canadian National, Beachburg subdivision.
 1927 - Derailment of a New York Central passenger train near Embrun
  1927, 16 July - CNR passenger train derails one tender truck at Fallowfield, Smiths Falls sub. No injuries.
 1927, August 1 - passenger train side swipes a freight at Vars, CNR Alexandria sub.
 1927, September 8 - CNR passenger train derails four coaches near Lansdowne, no injuries.
 1927, December 13 - Hull Electric streetcar collides with a bus in Hull
  1928, January 30 - Westbound special train conveying President Cosgrave of the Irish Free State is derailed at a switch at Limoges, Canadian National, Alexandria subdivision.  The Road Foreman of Engines, who was running the locomotive, was killed, nine injured.
  1928, April 29 - Engineer, fireman and brakeman of Canadian Pacific freight train are killed when their train derails 14 cars after hitting a rockslide at Bolingbroke, Belleville sub.
  1928, July 25 - Head on collision at Sand Point between a train carrying horses and men to Petawawa Camp and a freight train. 2 killed and five injured.
  1928, August 14 - CNR., No. 15 The International Limited, derailed at Aultsville.  No Injuries
  1928, August 30 - Crossing collision at Heron Road, CPR.
 1928, October 10 - C.P.R. eastbound transcontinental train is derailed at Ottawa Union station. No Injuries
 1929, June 25 - Train derails, runs into the siding at Alexandria, Canadian National, Alexandria subdivision and demolishes the west end of the station.
 1929, November 24 - Freight train derails 22 cars at Aultsville station, Kingston, CNR, subdivision.


 1930, July 24 - Crossing Accident at Alfred, Canadian Pacific, Montreal and Ottawa subdivision, one fatality, two injured
 1930, August 28 - Locomotive and four cars of the Imperial Limited derailed at Pembroke, Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision.  1 dead and 4 injured.
  1931, February 8 - three die and two injured (all occupants of the car) when a car is hit by the Imperial Limited at St. Hyacinthe street crossing, Hull Beemer, Canadian Pacific, M&O subdivision.
  1931, December 11 - CNR transcontinental train runs into the rear of the CPR transcontinental train at Ottawa Laurier Avenue yards. Ten injured
 1933 January 8 - 12 injured when a train derails at Calumet, CPR. Lachute subdivision, and rolls down an embankment
 1933 December 1 - derailment hurls man to his death from the NYC bridge at Cornwall.
  1936, September 30 - the night Pool train from Ottawa to Toronto derails three cars near Manotick, Canadian Pacific Prescott subdivision. No injuries.
  1936, December 21 - a passenger train derails two wheels on the locomotive on a crossing west of Wyman, Canadian Pacific Waltham sub. No injuries.
  1938 April 26 - Eastbound CNR Transcontinental hits an abandoned hand car at Bells Corners
 1938, May 8 - CNR freight 402 derails 19 cars near Norway Bay, three transients killed and several injuries


 1940, November 1 - Uncoupled caboose struck truck after train had passed
 1941, March 31 - Inkerman, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.
 1941, May 3 - Pool train from Toronto derailed pony truck at Hurdman, no injuries.
  1941, December 2 - Pool train 32 derails on the curve at Hurdman, the engineer is killed and 47 injured.
 1942, January 4 - 6 fatalities in a car at a crossing at Churchill Avenue, Westboro. 
 1942, July 18 - CPR eastbound freight 904 collides with passenger train No.21 at Glen Tay, 12 people injured slightly.
 1942, October 2 -CPR train from Maniwaki is derailed as it entered Ottawa Union station. No imjuries
 1942, October 14 - Head on collision at Billings Bridge, CNR.  Five trainmen were hurt and 20 horses were killed.
 1942, December 27 - Almonte, Canadian Pacific, Chalk River subdivision, 35 killed, 207 injured.
  1943, December 30 - Steam pipe breaks on a locomotive of a freight train at Alexandria, Canadian National Alexandria sub.  Engineer killed, fireman and brakeman injured.
 1944, 26 February - An eastbound passenger train derails seven express cars and two coaches when it runs into 35 cars derailing from a westbound freight train on the adjacent track, at Cardinal, Canadian National, Kingston sub.  The passenger engineer was killed and the fireman slightly injured.
 1944, November 30 - Passenger Train Wrecks Truck at Smiths Falls, no injuries
 1944, December 22 - A freight, headed by locomotive 6218, rear ends another freight on the bridge at Casselman.  No injuries.
 1945, April 3 - A Hull Electric tramcar hits a washout on the approach to Ottawa station
 1945, October 6 - Six killed in a crossing accident at Main Street, Chesterville, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.
 1946, May 10 - The "Dominion" hits an open switch at Renfrew, Canadian Pacific, Chalk River subdivision.
 1946, October 19 - Canadian Pacific Trans-Canada Express derails three coaches near Caledonia Springs, one serious injury.
  1947, January 10 - Three cars derail from a broken wheel on a Canadian National passenger train near Brockville.Eight passengers injured, one seriously.
  1947, January 12 - Rear end collision between two freight trains Pembroke Junction, CNR Beachburg subdivision, four injuries
 1947, June 21 - Man drives at Alexandria into a special train carrying passengers to the Marian Congress, Canadian National Alexandria subdivision, one fatality
 1947, August 10 - CN train no. 15 roars around the sharp curve at Kingston station and the engine tips over.  Engineer and fireman killed, minor injuries among the passengers.
  1947, September 7 - Three Die as Train Hits Car at Eganville, Canadian National
  1948, January 26 - Canadian National Montreal - Ottawa passenger train derailed two cars.  No location details.
  1948, February 22 - Westbound Pool Train Hits Auto at Billings, Canadian Pacific
 1948, March 13 - Pool Train Locomotive Breaks a Side Rod near Mallorytown, CNR Kingston subdivision, no injuries
 1948, April 20 - Crossing Accident, Canadian Pacific at Lachute, three  dead, three injured
 1948, April 30 - Crossing Accident with school bus, CPR Brockville subdivision, one fatality
 1948, May 29 - Crossing Accident, Canadian National, Beachburg subdivision Billings, one fatality
 1948, July 8 - Canadian Pacific locomotive No. 853 and nine freight cars run away on the Cornwall Street Railway tracks.  Four injured.
 1948, August 6 - Crossing Accident at Graham Bay, Canadian National, one serious injury
 1948, August 19 - Crossing Accident with a steam roller at Carleton Place, CPR, one injury
 1948, August 19 - Four passenger cars derailed at a washout at Adams Crossing, CPR Maniwaki sub. no injuries
 1948, August 26 - a railway crane topples over a trestle at the Hydro Electric Company's plant at Fitzroy.  One fatality.
 1948, September 21 - Canadian National - Derailment of a passenger train at Carlsbad Springs,  Alexandria subdivision
 1948, November 15 - Fifteen cars derailed near St. Polycarpe, CNR,  Alexandria subdivision, no injuries.
 1948, December 23 - Man Dies Trying to Jump from Moving Train at Pembroke, Canadian Pacific
 1949, February 19 - Canadian Pacific, Crossing Accident at Parkdale Avenue, Carleton Place subdivision sub., one injury
 1949, March 5 - Canadian National - Collision between a mixed train and a freight train at Pembroke, minot injuries
 1949, June 16 - Canadian National - Eleven freight cars derailed when car hits train
 1949, July 31 - Canadian Pacific, Perth - Man Hit By Passenger Train
 1949, August 22 - Canadian Pacific- Crossing accident, Walkley Road, Prescott local, minor injuries
 1949, September 27 - Canadian Pacific, Crossing Accident at Churchill Avenue, Carleton Place subdivision, no injuries
 1949, October 7 - Canadian National, Crossing Accident at Graham Bay, no injuries
 1949, October 26 - Canadian Pacific, Crossing Accident at Carleton Place, one injury
 1949, November 18 - Canadian Pacific, Crossing Accident at Glen Gordon, Cornwall subdivision, one fatality


  1950, January 13 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing collision at Chesterville, Winchester sub. One fatality
  1950, February 23 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing accident, Billings Avenue - no injuries
  1950, February 25 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing Accident,Montclair Boulevard, one fatality
 1950, March 18 - Canadian Pacific - Ashton.
 1950, March 20 - Canadian Pacific, Winchester - Man  Falls from Train, minor injury
 1950, May 8 - Canadian Pacific - Crossing Accident, Almonte - two fatalities
  1950, July 2 - Crossing accident Canadian National Railways at Bells Corners, three dead, one injured
 1950, July 11 - Boy Injured When CPR Train Hits Bicycle at Scott Street
  1950, November 11 - Crossing accident New York Central at Finch. one fatality and one injury
  1950, November 15 - Crossing accident Canadian Pacific Carleton Place subdivision at Parkdale Avenue. one injury
  1950, December 31 - Canadian National Train No. 1, halted near Hurdman with a broken wheel tire
 1951, January 20 - Canadian Pacific passenger train derailment at Churchill Avenue, Ottawa.
 1951, February 11 - Canadian Pacific freight train derails ten cars at Pembroke from broken archbar. No injuries.
 1951, February 16 - Canadian Pacific passenger train to Maniwaki is hit by a tank truck laden with fuel oil.  No injuries and no escape of fuel.
 1951, March 2 - Crossing accident at Maxville, CNR Alexandria subdivision, one fatality
 1951, May 11 - Schoolboy Killed By Train on the Trestle over Preston street, Renfrew subdivision
  1951, July 4 - Crossing Accident, CPR, Chalk River subdivision, one fatality
 1951, July 8 - Argued Whether Crossing Was Safe, Mrs Rheal Gunner Killed By Train, CPR Hull, Florent Street
 1951, July 25 - Crossing Accident, CPR, Prescott subdivision at Osgoode, one injury
 1951, September 1 - Crossing accident CPR Winchester subdivision, two fatalities
 1951, September 21 - CNR train runs into a herd of cattle at Kinburn, Beachburg subdivision
 1951, October 5 - Crossing Accident, CPR, Vankleek Hill, One fatality, five injured
 1952, February 4 - three people are killed in a crossing accident at Parkdale Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub
 1952, February 6 - Crossing Accident at Hull Florent Street, minor injuries
 1952  February 8 - Crossing Accident at Parkdale Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub., three fatalities
 1952, February 17 - Crossing accident at Hinchey Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub., no injuries
 1952, February 20 - Governor General's Train Crashes into Platform at Ottawa Union
 1952, March 14 - Crossing Accident near Prescott, local hits a truck, one injury
 1952  April 15 - Girl "Brushed by Pembroke Local, CNR Beachburg subdivision, minor injury
 1952, April 29 - Retired Railroader Killed by Train at Sand Point
 1952, May 17 - Tot Killed While Playing on the Track at Deschenes, CPR
 1952, June 11 - Crossing Accident at Graham Bay,CNR, One Fatality
 1952, June 15 - Man Hit By Train at Hull Beemer, One Fatality
 1952, June 19 - Train Kills Two Horses At Manotick
 1952, July 11 - Railroader Killed at Smiths Falls, CPR,  while Switching Passenger Train.
 1952, August 4 - five people are killed in a crossing accident near Petawawa, CPR Chalk River sub.
 1952, August 15 - MP. Falls from a Moving Train at Vankleek Hill, minor injuries
 1952, September 5 - Crossing Accident Hunt Club Road, CPR Prescott sub. one fatality
 1952, November 5 - Two Convicts Jump from Moving Train to make their Escape, CPR Chalk River sub.
  1952, November 7 - Crossing Accident at Britannia, CPR, Carleton Place sub., no injuries
  1952, December 31 - Crossing Accident near Renfrew, CPR, Chalk River subdivision, two fatalities
  1953, January 4 - 3 Killed and 4 Injured in Crossing Accident near Lachute, CPR Lachute subdivision
 1953, January 18- Crossing Accident in Cornwall, CNR, one injury
 1953, February 21 - Crossing Accident at Cleary Avenue, CPR, Carleton Place sub., two injuries
 1953, March 6 - Crossing accident near Vankleek Hill, CNR Vankleek sub., one fatality, serious fire and eight freight cars derailed
 1953, March 10 - Child walks into train at Hinchey Avenue, CPR Carleton place sub., serious injury
 1953, April 20 - Crossing Accident near Kemptville, CPR, Prescott sub., one fatality, one injury
 1953, April 26 - Crossing Accident near Renfrew, CPR, Chalk River sub., one fatality, one injury
 1953, May 21 - Crossing Accident, Holland Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub., no injuries
 1953, May 28 - Fast Freight Runs Into A Wayfreight At Woodlawn, CNR Beachburg sub., one injury
 1953, June 23 - twelve cars derail near Brent, CNR Beachburg subdivision
 1953, July 9 - three cars of a CPR passenger train derail near Stittsville, CPR Carleton Place subdivision, minor injuries
 1953, September 14 - CPR Flagman Killed By Train Near Pembroke, Chalk River sub.
 1953, October 2 - Crossing Accident at Papineauville, CPR Lachute Sub. one fatality
 1953, October 11 - Derailment of a Canadian Pacific passenger train on the Castor grade, Maniwaki subdivision.
 1953, December 30 - The last car of Canadian National passenger train No. 1 catches fire at Pembroke.  I fatality and two injuries.
 1954, January 11 - Crossing Accident at Finch, one fatality, one injury
 1954, January 22 - Crossing Accident at Monkland CPR, Winchester sub., no injuries
  1954, April 14 - Three people killed in a collision between a Canadian National freight train and an automobile at Wales, Kingston subdivision.
  1954, May 4 - Two locomotives and 17 cars derailed at Coteau, CNR Kingston sub. No injuries
  1954, May11 - Crossing Accident at Echo Drive, Ottawa, no injuries
  1954, June 26 - Sixteen freight cars derailed at Pembroke, CNR Beachburg sub. No injuries
  1954, November 11- Attempt to Derail the Chalk River Local at Renfrew, CPR Chalk River sub., no injuries
 1954, December 7- Crossing Accident, Heron Road, CPR Prescott sub., no injuries
 1955, January 6 - Crossing Accident at Westboro, CPR., Carleton Place sub., one fatality
 1955, March 26 - Passenger train split the switch and derailed at Hull Beemer, Canadian Pacific, no injuries.
 1955, April 27 - Crossing Accident near Renfrew, CNR Renfrew sub., 4 dead, 2 injured
 1955, May 31 - A Scooter and a lorry derail at Shawville, CPR Waltham subdivision, two dead and nine injured.
 1955, June 13 - Crossing Accident St. Laurent Boulevard, CPR Montreal and Ottawa sub., one fatality
  1955, July 18 - Crossing Accident at Perth, CPR, Belleville sub., one injury
  1955, July 18 - Locomotive and 27 freight cars derail at Maxville, Canadian National Alexandria subdivision.
 1955, July 31 - Crossing Accident at Gatineau, CPR Lachute sub., Five Fatalities
 1955, October 16 - Pool Train Derails Nine Cars after Crossing Accident at Riviere Beaudette, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision, 40 injured
 1955, November 4 - Crossing Accident, Holland Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub., no injuries
 1955, November 25 - Crossing Accident, Pembroke, CPR Chalk River sub., no injuries
 1955, December 20 - Train Wrecks Truck of Lumber at Thurso, CPR Lachute sub., no injuries
 1956, February 17- Crossing Accidents on the CPR Carleton Place sub., no injuries
 1956, March 11 - Crossing Accident, Russell Road, CNR Alexandria sub, no injuries
 1956, March 29 - Crossing Accident at Perth on the CPR Belleville sub., two fatalities
 1956, April 2 - Crossing Accident near Cobden, CPR Chalk River sub., one fatality, one injury
 1956, May 6 - Crossing accident Plantagenet, CPR Montreal and Ottawa sub., one fatality
  1956, May 9 - Head on collision in a siding at Brockville between two passenger trains. One passenger fatality.
 1956, July 14 - Crossing accident Britannia, CPR Carleton Place sub., three fatalities
  1956, July 19? - Crossing accident Avonmore, CPR Winchester sub., no injury
 1956, July 26 - Crossing accident CNR Locksley sub., one injury
 1956, August 25 - Crossing accident CNR Kingston sub., near Brockville one fatality
 1956, August 29 - Collision on the new line being constructed near Iroquois, CNR Kingston subdivision diversion.  One fatality.
 1956, October 7- Crossing accident Chesterville, CPR Winchester sub., no injury
  1956, October 9 - CNR Supercontinental derails four cars on the approach to Ottawa Union station. No injuries.
  1956, November 13 - Crossing accident Hull, CPR Lachute sub., one fatality.
 1956, November 23 - Crossing accident Inkerman, CPR Winchester sub., two fatalities
 1956, November 26 - Maniwaki Train derailed at Wakefield, CPR Maniwaki sub.
 1956, December 13 - Crossing accident Renfrew, CPR Chalk River sub., no injuries
 1957, February 2 - Freight train runs into passenger train at Montebello, CPR, Lachute sub. 9 injuries
  1957, February 15 - 13 cars derail at a collision at a highway crossing, Canadian Pacific, Cornwall subdivision, no injuries.
 1957, February 28 - Canadian National Continental hits a truck at Bells Corners, Beachburg subdivision, and derails two diesel units and ten passenger cars.  No serious injuries.
 1957, March 19 - Canadian National Continental derails ten cars two miles east of Brent, Beachburg subdivision. No injuries.
 1957, March 21 - Truck collides with a stationary boxcar with sufficient force to derail it, Stittsville, CPR., Carleton Place sub., one fatality
 1957, March 28 - Crossing accident Carleton Place. No injuries
 1957, May 8 - Truck runs into the side of the Canadian Pacific Prescott Mixed at Prescott.
 1957, April 1 - Two Trains Wreck a Jeep At Prescott, CNR, Kingston sub. No injuries
 1957, April 17 - Crossing Accident Russell Road, CPR. No injuries
 1957, June 30 - Crossing accident CPR. Chalk River sub., no injuries
 1957, July 2 - Crossing accident Smiths Falls, one fatality
 1957, July 25 - Crossing accident CPR. Merrickville., one fatality, one injury.  Quick action by train crew avoids a serious collision with a passenger train
 1957, October 26 - Train Kills Woman at Kemptville on Last Run Of Ottawa - Prescott Mixed Train.
 1957, October 29 - Crossing Accident, CPR Hull. No injuries.
 1957, November 9 - Crossing Accident at Renfrew, CPR Chalk River sub, one injury.
 1957, December 1 - Crossing Accident, CPR Chesterville, Winchester sub., One fatality.
 1958, January 8 - Crossing accident CNR Vars, Alexandria sub., one injury
 1958, April 13 - 13 cars derailed half a mile east of Morrisburg, Canadian National Kingston subdivision
 1958, May 12 - Workman killed by a train on a bridge, Canadian Pacific, Brockville subdivision
 1958, June 13 - Crossing Accident CPR Brockville sub. at Brockville, one fatality
 1958, July 1 - Crossing Accident,CNR, Heron Road, Beachburg sub., one injury
 1958, October 14 - Thurso and Nation Valley Railway train runs into a washout.
 1958, October 17 - Crossing accident, Renfrew, CPR Chalk River sub., no injuries
 1958, December 6 - Canadian National passenger train derails about one and a half miles east of Vars after hitting a broken rail.  Ten people were injured.
 1958, December 16 - 6 freight cars derailed west of Maxville, Canadian National, Alexandria subdivision, tank cars leaking gas.
 1958, December 16 - Crossing accident, Papineauville, CPR Lachute sub., one injury
 1959, January 1 - Crossing Accident Smiths Falls, CPR Brockville sub., no injuries
 1959, January 6 - Fire Wrecks a Coach in Smiths Falls Yard, CPR.
 1959, January 12 - Crossing Accident Roosevelt Avenue, CPR Carleton Place sub., three injured
 1959, January 26 - 19 Car Derailment west of Aylmer, Quebec, Canadian Pacific Railway. 
  1959, February 2 - Crossing Accident at Petawawa, CPR Chalk River sub., one fatality
 1959, February 9 - Crossing accident at Pleasant Park, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision, no injuries
  1959, April 23 - twelve freight cars and a caboose are derailed in a switching accident at Broad Street, Canadian Pacific Ottawa West yard.
 1959, April 28 - Crossing Accident at Britannia, Canadian Pacific Railway, Carleton Place subdivision, one fatality
 1959, May 12 - Five boxcars and a caboose run away on the Canadian National Walkley Line
 1959, May 13 - Crossing Accident Smyth Road, CPR., Sussex Street sub., no injuries
 1959, May 16 - Crossing Accident Acres Side Road, CPR., Carleton Place sub., minor injury
 1959, May 20 - 30 cars derail at Dunrobin, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision. 
 1959, June 25 - Twenty three cars derail on a CNR freight train near Lancaster, Kingston subdivision, no injuries   
 1959, July 16 - Train Kills Soldier at Petawawa, CPR, Chalk River sub.
 1959, July 23 - Canadian National Vancouver-Montreal train, No. 4 Continental, jumped an open switch a quarter of a mile west of the Canadian National station at Alexandria, Alexandria subdivision. Passengers escaped injury as the engine plowed into 5 freight cars on the siding.
 1959, September 14 - A wayfreight side swiped the diner of the pool train, #559 at Brockville, Canadian National, Kingston subdivision.  4 killed, 14 injured.
  1959, October 2 - Crossing Accident at Haleys, CPR Chalk River sub., one fatality, two injured
  1959, October 18 - Crossing Accident at Maxville, CNR Alexandria sub., one fatality
 1959, October 28 - A family of four is killed in a collision with train #34 at the Canadian Pacific Hunt Club Road crossing.
 1959, December 20 - 27 cars derail at Lancaster, Canadian National, Kingston subdivision.


  1960, January 3 - Crossing Collision on Canadian Pacific Prescott subdivision near Osgoode, no injuries.
  1960, January 9 - Collision between CPR dayliner and a car, Carleton Place subdivision - one fatality
 1960, January 19 - Collision between CNR Budd  car and a car at Smyth Road, Beachburg subdivision - no injuries
 1960, January 21 - Crossing Collision on Canadian Pacific Prescott subdivision near Manotick, two injured.
  1960, January 28 - 15 cars derailed when a freight train hit a tanker-transport truck at Prescott, CPR.  No injuries.
 1960, February 28 - Crossing accident near Lachute, CPR, Lachute sub., no injuries
 1960, March 6 - Crossing accident near Point au Chene, CPR, Lachute sub., four dead, four injured
 1960, May 3 - Train Rams Pram, Baby Unscathed, one injury, CPR Chalk River sub., Carleton Place
 1960, July 5 - Trespassing  accident near Majors Hill Park, Ottawa, CPR M&O sub. one injury
 1960, August 16 - Crossing Accident, Ste. Eugene, CPR., M & O sub., one injury
 1960, September 24 - Crossing Accident, Bayview Road, CPR., Carleton Place sub. No injuries
 1960, October 10 - Crossing accident near Pointe au Chene, CPR, Lachute sub., two dead
 1960, October 14 - 11 cars derail in a freight train near Malwood, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision.
 1960, November 7 - Crossing accident at Britannia, CPR, Carleton Place sub., one dead, two injured
 1960, November 17 - Crossing Accident, Island Park Drive, CPR Carleton Place sub., one fatality
  1960, December 25 - Crossing Accident, Braeside, CPR Chalk River sub., one fatality, one injury
 1960, December 30 - four people killed in a vehicle-train collision on the Canadian Pacific Carleton Place subdivision in Britannia.
 1961, January 25 - Crossing Accident at Maxville, CNR Alexandria subdivision, one fatality
 1961, February 14 - Quick Thinking Yardman Saves Child From Passenger Train
 1961, February 16 - Crossing Accident Navan, CPR., M&O sub., one injury    
 1961, February 18 - Crossing Accident, Carlsbad Springs, CNR Alexandria sub., no injuries
 1961, March 11 - A level crossing collision in Gatineau, Canadian Pacific Lachute sub., one injury
 1961, March 17 - A level crossing collision in Gatineau, Canadian Pacific Lachute subdivision takes two lives
 1961, October 13 - 11 cars derail when a car plows into the rear of a freight train at Carlsbad Springs, Canadian National Alexandria subdivision.
 1961, December 17 - A level crossing collision at Finch, CPR Winchester sub., one injury
 1962, January 7 - "The Dominion" derails at St. Eugene, Canadian Pacific, M and O subdivision and derails the three diesels (8474-1902-1910) and several cars.
 1962, January 10 - Crossing Accident, Almonte, CPR., Chalk River sub., one fatality
  1962, January 24 - a  freight train derails at Hyndford, Canadian National Renfrew subdivision and demolishes the station.
 1962, February 2 - Crossing Accident at Lancaster, CNR>, Kingston (CN) sub., one fatality
 1962, February 25 - a CNR freight train derails 30 cars ar Lansdowne, Kingston sub.  No injuries but the station is badly damaged.
 1962, March 16 - Overnight passenger pool train derails locomotive at Bolingbroke, Belleville subdivision, CPR. No injuries
  1962, July 4 - locomotive on a passenger train catches fire at Portage du Fort. No injuries
 1962, August 8  - Boy Thrown By Train, Tremblay Road, CPR M&O sub., One Injury
 1962, November 19 - Crossing Accident at St. Eugene, CPR., M&O sub., one fatality
 1962, December 9 - Crossing Accident at Vars, CNR., Alexandria sub., one injury
 1963  January 11  - Crossing Accident near Fairfield, CPR., Brockville sub, one fatality.
  1963  April 11  - three locomotives and 27 cars derailed when a CN train hits a bread truck at Portage du Fort, Beachburg subdivision.
 1963  July 27  - Cattle killed on track near Alexandria, CNR., Alexandria sub
  1963  September 13 - Boy tumbles under a train at Hull, Canadian Pacific Lachute subdivision. No injuries
  1963  September 13  - Crossing Collision at Vars, Alexandria, CNR., Alexandria sub., minor injuries
  1963 November 4  - Crossing Accident at Fallowfield Road, CNR, Smiths Falls sub., one injury
 1964, January 20 - Automobile slides into a passenger train at Templeton, CPR, Lachute subdivision, one fatality
 1964, March 13 - Four CNR employees killed in collision at Woodroffe Avenue, Beachburg subdivision
 1964, March 13 - Crossing crash kills one at Tunneys Pasture, CPR Carleton Place subdivision
  1964, April 7 - CNR Supercontinental hits a car at a crossing at Alexandria, CNR., Alexandria sub, two fatalities
 1964, April 27 - CNR Supercontinental hits a car at a crossing at Foresters Falls, no injuries
 1964, May 8 - Crossing collision at Acres Side Road, CPR., Carleton Place sub., no injuries.
 1964, July 1 - Crossing collision at Woodlawn, CNR Beachburg sub., one injury
 1964, July 6 - the Canadian Pacific eastbound "The Canadian" is derailed 2 1/2 miles west of Chalk River. 14 persons were injured. The last six cars derailed 
 1964, August 21 - Crossing collision, Leonard, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., eight fataities, over 20 injured.  
 1964, August 23 - Crossing collision at Casselman, CNR Alexandria sub., no injury
 1964, September 9 - Caught in suction of train, girl injured at Masson, CPR., Lachute sub.
 1964, October 30 - Boy cycles into the side of The Canadian at Stittsville, CPR., Carleton Place sub., one fatality
 1964, November 4 - Crossing collision Northwestern Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place su., two fatalities
 1965, January 20 - Crossing collision at Roosevelt Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub., no injuries
 1965, January 29 - Truck slides into train at Hull, no injuries.
 1965, February 19 - Minor derailment to Canadian National passenger train at Gananoque Junction, no injuries
 1965, May 19 - Girl hit by train in Hull
 1965, May 30 - Four injuries in collision with a car at Hinchey Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub.
 1965, June 15 - Boy, 10, killed near Britannia Road, CPR., Carleton Place sub.
 1965, July 16 - 15 cars derailed from two Canadian National freight trains at Kingston, no injuries
 1966, January 31 - Crossing accident  Ridge Road. Alexandria subdivision, two injured
 1966, February 6 - Crossing collision Jockvale Road. CNR Smiths  Falls subdivision, three injured
 1966, May 13 - Boy dies under train at Masson, CPR., Lachute sub.
 1966, June 3 - Freight train collision, Cornwall, CNR, Kingston sub.
 1966, September 16 - Crossing collision Jasper, CPR., Brockville sub., one injury
 1966, October 11 - Crossing accident  at Richmond, Smiths Falls subdivision, two injured
 1966, November 13 - Crossing accident  Kenyon Township, Alexandria subdivision, one fatality
 1966, December 2 - Crossing accident, Bells Corners, Beachburg subdivision, no injuries
 1967, February 2 - A CNR freight train hits a double oil tanker truck at Woodroffe Avenue, Beachburg subdivision. 
 1967, February 3 - Crossing collision at Cardinal, CNR Kingston sub., one injury
 1967, March 14 - Crossing collision, Hull, Montclair Boulevard, CPR., Lachute sub. one fatality
 1967, March 27 - Armed police storm passenger train at Pembroke
 1967, April 15 - Crossing collision, Riverside Drive, CPR., Prescott sub., no injuries
 1967, May 9 - Crossing collision, Alfred., CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., two fatalities
 1967, May 11 - an overheated axle bearing caused the derailment of 18 cars just east of Avonmore, Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision.
 1967, May 25 -  Canadian Pacific train #85 strikes maintenance of way equipment at mile 57.3, Lachute subdivision and derails two locomotives. No injuries.
 1967, May 21 - Crossing collision, Montclair Blvd., CPR., Lachute sub., one fatality
 1967, July 29 - Stabbing at Ottawa West station.
 1967, August 13 - Four killed when a dayliner train hits a car between Gatineau and Point Gatineau, Canadian Pacific Lachute subdivision.
 1967, October 22 - Crossing collision, Jasper, CPR Brockville sub. two injuries
 1967, December 20 - Man jumps from a passenger train near Brockville, CNR., Kingston sub., one fatality
 1967, December 29 - Train hits driverless truck at Pembroke, CPR., Chalk River sub.
 1968, February 17 - Crossing collision at Montee Paiment, Gatineau Canadian Pacific Lachute sub., no injuries
 1968, March 26 - Crossing collision at Walkley Road with Canadian Pacific "The Canadian", one dead, one injured
 1968, September 19 - Man killed at Casselman, CNR., Alexandria sub.
 1968, September 30 - Man killed at Cornwall, CNR., Kingston sub.
 1968, December 10 - CNR Turbo train hits a truck at Kingston on its inaugural run.
 1968, December 20 - Crossing collision, Anderson Road, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., one fatality
 1969, January 21 - A broken wheel derails 34 cars between Carleton Place and Almonte, Canadian Pacific Chalk River subdivision..
  1969, March 2 - Rapido derailed at Kingston, CNR., Kingston sub., no injuries
 1969, May 29 - 23 cars derail at Morrisburg, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.
 1969, July 19 - Passenger train catches fire near Brockville, Canadian National Kingston sub.


 1970, December 29 - 10 car derailment of Canadian National eastbound "Super Continental" at Dunrobin, 13-15 injuries.
 1971, January 22 - 23 cars derail just east of Long Sault, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.
  1971, February 7 - Crossing collision Hull, CPR., Lachute sub., one injury
 1971, March 9 - Snow problems too much for train, CNR, Alexandria sub.
 1971, August 8 - Pair ride 600 miles locked in mail car, Pembroke, CNR., Beachburg sub.
 1971, October 25 - Crossing collision, Anderson Road, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub. two injuries
 1972, January 7 - 22 freight cars derailed on the CNR Kingston Sub east of Long Sault.
 1972, January17 - Crossing collision, Long Sault, CNR Kingston Sub. two fatalities
 1972, January 21 - Crossing accident at Woodroffe Avenue, CNR Smiths Falls subdivision, one fatality
 1972, February 11 - 36 cars derail at Morrisburg, Canadian National, Kingston subdivision. Propane release
 1972, February 17 - ten cars derailed on Lachute sub., CPR., no injuries
 1972, February 19 - crossing collision, Lancaster, CNR., Kingston sub., one fatality
 1972, February 28 - an oil tank truck hits a train and bursts into flame at Carp, CNR Renfrew subdivision.  Three cars derailed, one killed.
 1972, August 7 - Crossing collison at Smiths Falls injures motorist
 1972, August 11 - A truck hits a dayliner, No. 9066, on train 132 at Calumet, CPR Lachute sub., 3 killed, 26 injured.
 1972, December 21 - Crossing accident at Sand Point, CPR., Chalk River sub., no injuries
 1973, February 11 -  Twelve cars derailed in a freight train near Smiths Falls, Winchester subdivision.  No injuries
 1973, February 23 -  Crossing collision, Arnprior, CPR., Chalk River sub., one fatality
 1973, March 19 - 23 cars derailed at Limoges, CN Alexandria subdivision
  1973, April 11 - CP through freight from Montreal to Ottawa, #85, was hit by a truck at the east end of Papineauville, Quebec
 1973, June 26 -  CN Trans-Continental derailed near Brent, CN Beachburg subdivision
 1973, July 21 - Crossing collision, Casselman, CN Alexandria sub., 3 deaths, 3 injuries
 1973, August 19 - crossing collision, Bellamy, CPR., Brockville sub., one fatality, one injury
 1973, October 6 - crossing collision, CPR Montreal and Ottawa sub., two fatalities
 1974, January 18 - Westbound train 903 derailed west of the tower at Bedell, CPR., Winchester sub.  Eastbound train 974 ran into the wreckage. No injuries.
 1974, April 26 -  a tractor-trailer is sliced in two by a CN passenger train at Merivale Road, Ottawa.  No Injuries.
 1974, June 5 - Train #76 derailed the last 16 cars of its train at Almonte.  The cars ended up over the bridge into the Mississippi River, and hit the flour mill at the hwy. 44 crossing.
 1974, June 8 - CNR freight train derails 17 cars near Brockville, Kingston subdivision
 1974, June 20 - a westbound  117-car train derails 29 cars at Apple Hill, CPR., Winchester sub.  A chlorine tank car was derailed but did not leak.  No injuries.
 1974, November 5 Crossing Accident at Moodie Drive, CNR.,l Smiths Falls sub., one fatality
 1974, November 22 -  32 cars derailed at Haley, CPR., Chalk River sub.
 1974, December 3 - Canadian Pacific two-car passenger train derailed at Gatineau, six injured.
 1974, December 26 - Crossing collision, Gatineau, CPR., Lachute sub., two injuries
 1975, January 9 - Crossing collision Westmeath, CPR., Chalk River sub.  No injuries.
 1975, February 1- Freight train derails 26 cars at Conatance Bay, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision, no injuries
 1975, March 10 - Crossing collision at Vars, CNR., Alexandria sub., one injury
 1975, June 26 -  "The Canadian" hit a tar truck at the highway 17 crossing between Haleys and Cobden, derailing the entire train of 2 locomotives and 8 cars.  No injuries.
 1975, July 16 - Train hits man and a cow at Cornwall, CNR, Kingston sub., one fatality
 1975, September 23 - a Montreal-bound Turbo train catches fire at mile 42.5 Kingston subdivision. No injuries.
 1975, December 23 - Crossing collision, CPR Brockville sub., one fatality
 1976, July 4 - CP Train 904 derailed 30 cars 4 miles east of Perth on the Belleville Subdivision.
 1976, July 8 - Crossing collision, Renfrew, CPR., Chalk River sub., one injury
 1976, September 7 - Vandals derail a locomotive at St. Lawrence Cement, Ottawa, CNR Alexandria subdivision
 1976, November 1 - 22 cars derailed  at the Highway 43 crossing in Monkland, Canadian Pacific, Winchester sub.
 1976, November 9 - Crossing collision St. Eugene, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., two fatalities
 1977, January 7 - 14 cars derailed at Finch, Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision, caused by a broken axle.
 1977, January 9 - Crossing collision, Carlsbad Springs, CNR., Alexandria sub., 1 fatality
 1977, January 13 - Crossing collision, Carlsbad Springs, CNR., Alexandria sub., no injuries
 1977, February 4 - 40 cars derailed while passing through Dalhousie Mills Quebec, CPR Winchester sub. One car hit the Commercial Hotel. No injuries.
  1977, February 4 - 15 cars derailed in Nepean Township, Beachburg subdivision, Canadian National Railways
 1977, February 24 - 14 cars and two locomotives derailed near Brockville, Canadian National, Kingston subdivision
 1977, April 7 - Crossing fatality, Maxville, Canadian National, Alexandria subdivision
 1977, April 16 - Woman hit on bridge, Lancaster, CNR., Kingston sub., one fatality
  1977, May 11 - 20 cars derailed in Templeton, Canadian Pacific Lachute subdivision, a track switch was vandalized
 1977, July 10 - 17 freight cars derailed west of Finch, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.
 1977, October 9 - Monklands, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.  43 cars derailed as a result of a broken axle.
 1977, November 18 - Crossing collision CPR., Chalk River subdivision.  No injury
 1978, August 23 - Crossing accident at Cedarview Road, Canadian National Smiths Falls subdivision, one fatality
 1979, February 19 - VIA Rail train hits and abandoned car at a crossing, Canadian national Alexandria subdivision, no injuries.
 1979, May 29 May - a Via Turbo caught fire near Morrisburg, CNR, Kingston sub. 210 passengers were evacuated and the fire took 2 hours to extinguish.  The next day, the Turbo trains are pulled from service.
 1979, September 19- An eastbound freight train hits a tractor-trailer carrying logs at Wemyss Ontario, west of Perth, CPR., Belleville sub. 24 cars and 3 units derailed
 1979, October 16 - Crossing collision with a passenger train in Gatineau, Canadian Pacific, Lachute subdivision. One fatality.


 1980, March 10 - 12 car derailment near Prescott, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.
 1980, June 7 - 15 car derailment near Cornwall, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.
  1981, January 13 - a car is "popped" out of a train on the Beachburg subdivision.
  1981, February 10 - 19 cars derailed on CNR #214 at Bristol, Quebec, Beachburg subdivision, believed to have been caused by a broken axle. (Branchline February 1981).
  1981, March 19 - Five volunteer firemen are killed in a crossing accident with CNR #532 at Iroquois, Kingston subdivision, m. 98.9 (Branchline March 1981).
  1981, September 6 -  CPR train 482 derails 14 cars in the centre of Arnprior.
  1982, June 26 - VIA train 63 derails last two cars at high sped at m. 111, Canadian National, Kingston subdivision, near Prescott.  The cars were dragged for about a mile before overturning into the ditch. (Branchline June/July 1982, p. 3)
 1982, July 10 - 24 cars derailed at Mountain, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.
 1982, September 9 - 10 cars of CNR #397 derailed near Coteau, no injuries, line reopened in 24 hours.  All VIAs detoured from Brockville to Smiths Falls and east .(Branchline December 1982, page 7)
 1983, February 18 - 15 cars of CNR #396 derailed east of Cornwall.  All traffic diverted through Smiths Falls. (Branchline March 1983, page 2 and April 1983, page 7.)
 1984, June 4 - 14 cars of CPR #904 derail at Apple Hill, Winchester subdivision.
 1984, June 21 - VIA #44 with unit 6901and four coaches hit an open switch south of Moodie Drive, diverting the train into Kott Lumber siding. The locomotive hit a carload of lumber. 27 passengers injured.
  1984, August 14 -  30 cars of Canadian Pacific train #482 derail at Chesterville, Winchester subdivision. No injuries.
 1985, February 24 - 27 cars derailed at Petawawa, Canadian Pacific. 500 people evacuated.
 1985, December 31 - Canadian Pacific train #505 with 12 units derailed 8 locomotives and 36 cars while passing Sucker Lake, mileage 31.5 Belleville sub.  There is still a container in the lake from this mishap.
 1986, April 2 -  20 cars of 147-car CNR Train #399 derailed just west of the crossing at mileage 73.9 (Bergin) near Long Sault, Ontario, blocking both tracks of the Kingston Subdivision for almost 2 days.  18 of the cars were loaded with fibre board roofs, one carried aluminum ingots, and one was empty.  A burned-off axle was identified as the cause of the accident..  A fire broke out as the derailed cars were ignited by butane tanks for switch heaters.
(Branchline, May 1986 page 13)
 1986, July 14 - 11 cars of train #214 derailed at Achray, Ontario, on the eastern fringe of Algonquin Park, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision. (Branchline, September 1986, page 16).
  1986, August 24 - 12 cars of a 131 car CNR freight derailed near the Montreal Road overpass in Kingston. (Branchline, October 1986, page 17).
 1987, March 28 - 15 empty flat cars on CNR train #318 derailed at Queens, just east of Kingston, Ontario, blocking both tracks. (Branchline, May 1987, page 19).
  1988, June 22 - 23 cars of 134-car CNR train 393 derailed at Coteau East tying up both main lines for a day and a half. (Branchline, July/August 1988, page 19).


 1990, January 14 - two people are killed when  a truck collides with the last run of VIA Rail Canada's The Canadian, just north of Pembroke, Chalk River subdivision.
  1991, January 13 - 13 cars derail near Carlsbad Springs, Canadian National Alexandria subdivision.
 1991, January 13 - 33 cars derail 40 km. north of Kingston, Canadian Pacific Belleville subdivision.
  1991, January 25 - 24 cars of an eastbound grain train derail at Dunrobin, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision.
 1991, January 31 - LRC club car on VIA train 37 lost a wheel and derailed at M&O Junction.  The rear set of wheels on the locomotive also derailed.  No injuries. TSB Report R91H0006
 1991, February 6 - A VIA Rail Canada Ottawa to Toronto train comes close to a head on collision with a CP Rail switching movement just outside Smiths Falls.  It was recorded on this  video 1991SmithsFallsNear
  1991, June 19 - 18 cars of Canadian National train 337 derailed at Portage du Fort on the Beachburg subdivision.
  1992, February 18 -  Two coaches derail on a VIA train as a result of a broken axle
  1993, April 7 - 19 cars of train 482 derail at Mountain, on the Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision.
  1994 November 4 - Crossing accident at Riviere Beaudette, CNR Kingston sub. TSB report RD94D0191
  1995, April 20 - pedestrian fatalities at mile 125.25, Brockville, Canadian National Railways, Kingston subdivision. TSB report R95D0055
  1996, August 29 - 36 cars derail at mile 32.6, Dalhousie Mills, Canadian Pacific, Winchester subdivision. 200 evacuated  TSB report R96H0021
  1997, January 30 - truck side frame failure, DuPont Chemicals, Maitland, Canadian National Raiwlays, Kingston subdivision.  TSB report R97T0075
  1997, August 13 - load shifted striking highway overpass, Bedell, mile 102.9, Canadian Pacific Railway, Winchester subdivision.  TSB reportR97H0008
  1997, August 27 -  runaway cars, Cornwall. TSB report R99D0159
  1998, March 1 - 8 cars derail at Lyn, mile 127.54, Canadian National Railways, Kingston subdivision.  TSB report R98T0042
 1999, June 5 - Crossing accident at Bellamy, Canadian Pacific Railway, Brockville subdivision, 2 fatalities.  TSB report R99T0147
 1999, July 14 - 13 cars derail in front of the Morrisburg station, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.
 1999, August 27 - 6 tank cars run away on Westco spur, Cornwall, Canadian National Railways, mile 69.4, Kingston subdivision.  TSB report R99D0159

2000 to 2009

 2001, January 16 - 26 cars derail at Mallorytown, Canadian National Railways, Kingston subdivision. TSB report R01T0006
 2002, May 13 - crossing accident CNR Kingston.  TSB report R02&0149
 2003, May 21 - 25 cars derail on the site of the station at Green Valley, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision, west of the Highway 34 crossing.  TSB report R03T0158
 2004, June 28 - crossing accident Munster, Smiths Falls sub.  TSB report  R04H0009
 2004, October 6 - Crossing collision, Castleford, Ottawa Valley Railway, Chalk River subdivision, 1 fatality TSB report R04H0014
 2005, February 17 - crossing accident at Brockville, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.  TSB report R05T0030
 2005, February 19 - a broken rail derails eight cars on a 95 car train at Cotieville, 2 km west of Renfrew, Ottawa Valley Railway Chalk River subdivision
 2005, May 2 - Runaway and main track collision, Ottawa Central Railway,  Maxville, Alexandria subdivision. TSB report R05H0011.
 2005, July 4 - CN freight #786 derailed 51 empty tank cars near Prescott, Canadian National Kingston subdivision.  No injuries. TSB report R05H0013
  2007, March 12 - eastbound CN freight derails 32 cars at the Queens switch, Kingston.  No injuries.
  2007, July 4 - runaway rolling stock Smiths Falls. TSB report  R07H0015
  2007, August 25 - some 13 cars on CP container train #230 are derailed at Tichbourne by a broken rail or rail turnover. No injuries. TSB report R07T0240
  2008, July 15 -  VIA passenger train #60 hits a flatbed truck carrying a bulldozer which had bottomed out and unable to move on a crossing at Mallorytown.  The locomotive and baggage car were derailed, minor injuries. TSB report R08T0158
  2009, February 6 - 20 cars of a CP freight train derail at Dalhousie Mills, Winchester subdivision.  No injuries.  TSB Report RD09D0012.
  2009, May 10  - The Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield excursion train derailed one car at a crossing near Larrimac, QC.  The train was running at 2-3 mph, no injuries.
  2009, August 16 - VIA locomotive 902 on passenger train 46 catches fire at Richmond, Smiths Falls sub., closest crossing McBean Street.  334 passengers were evacuated without injury, ten treated for insect bites and stress.  Both engineers were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.  TSB report R09H0010

2010 to date

  2010, March 2 - CN train 309 derails 27 cars at Morrisburg, Kingston sub. No injuries  TSB report R10T0035
  2010, October 18 - CN train M36831-18 derails 18 cars near Lancaster, Kingston sub. TSB report R10D0088
 2013, September 18 - an OC Transpo double deck bus hits a VIA train at Woodroffe Avenue on the Transitway. Five bus passengers and the bus driver were killed.  The locomotive and part of the train were derailed. The train was approaching the Fallowfield station on the Smiths Falls sub.TSB news release of 24 September 2014.
 2014, March 3 - an extra locomotive on VIA train 57 catches fire just east of Alexandria, Alexandria subdivision
  2014, July 10 - CN freight train derails 26 cars near Lyn Road, Brockville. No injuries. TSB Report R14T0160
  2014, August 1 - a CN freight derails at Ganoque and VIA 47 runs into the wreckage.  One minor injury. TSB Report R14T0180
  2014, August 11 - a northbound OTrain derails at a switch at Carleton station, one minor injury. 
 2018, July 16 - a CPR train derails 47 cars near Saint-Polycarpe, Winchester subdivision.  TSB Report R18D0069
 2018, October 2 - a CNR freight train collides with track equipment at Crysler, Kingston sub, no injuries. TSB News Release  TSB Report R18H0105


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