Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1924, October 18 - Trainman killed at St. Polycarpe, CPR., Winchester sub.

Chesterville Record 23 October 1924

Succumbed from Injuries
A very sad death occurred in Montreal on Saturday afternoon when Mr. Angus Kennedy, who was well known in Smiths Falls, succumbed to injuries received in an accident at St. Polycarpe in the morning.  The deceased was a trainman on the Cornwall train and it was while several cars were being added that the accident took place. The fireman of this train saw Mr. Kennedy step behind the moving train but did not see him come out on the other side. Upon investigation it was seen that the fortunate [sic] had been criushed between the two cars. He received medical attention shortly after the accident and was later taken to Montreal. But in spite of all attention. He passed away at 3.20 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. Kennedy was 38 years of age and had been an employee of the C.P.R. for 17 years.
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