Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area 

1925, August 2 - Freight train derailment at Carlsbad Springs, CNR., Alexandria sub., delays passenger traffic

Ottawa Journal 3 August 1925

Freight Train Is Derailed Near Carlsbad Springs
Traffic on the Canadian National line from Ottawa to Montreal, by way of Coteau, was paralyzed for some hours Sunday morning when a freight train was derailed near Carlsbad Springs, 13 miles from Ottawa. No one was injured, butit tied up traffic for several hours and caused considerable inconvenience to passenger traffic. The morning trains from Montreal and Ottawa were unable to pass the derailment, and passengers on either train had to be transferred to the other, which then returned to the points from which they had set out earlier. While this caused some considerable delay in passenger traffic, the track was opened during the day, and traffic quickly restored to its normal condition.

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Updated 13 November 2020