Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1939, August 23 - Crossing collision Alexandria, CNR., Alexandria sub., one fatality

Ottawa Journal 23 August 1939

Boy Killed Five Escape
ALEXANDRIA, Ont, Aug. 23. One 12-year-old boy was killed instantly and five other persons escaped uninjured when the hay rack on which they were riding was struck by the C.N.R. Montreal-Ottawa express, four miles east of here, at 11.15 a.m. to day. .
The dead boy was Laurent Jeaurond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jeaurond, of Alexandria. Those who escaped, by leaping from the rack just before the crash, were: Dennis Jeaurond, grandfather of the boy and on whose farm the accident happened; Lauriet, Aza, Romeo and Joseph Jeaurond.
The six persons were riding on tne empty rack, drawn by a team of horses. The crossing was on a grade and the train crew was unable to see the rack until it was too late to avoid a crash.
Those on the rack leaped on either side of the tracks, but Laurent apparently became excited.
The train crew was composed of Engineer John Fellowes, Fireman Alfred Huntsinger and Conductor Alex Runciman, all of Montreal. The train was 35 minutes late  in arriving at Ottawa.
Coroner Dr. D. J. Dolan is opening an inquest.

Also in the Ottawa Citizen, same day, but copy incomplete.

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