Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1929, October 29 - Crossing collision Apple Hill, CPR., Winchester sub., two fatalities

Ottawa Citizen 29 October 1929.
Verbatim in the Winchester Press 31 October 1929

Farmer and Son Killed by Train
M.A. McDiarmid and Albert Meet Death When Buggy Struck bv C.P.R.
ALEXANDRIA, Oct. 29 M.A. McDiarmid and his son Albert, farmers of Apple Hill were instantly killed at 11.15 o'clock this morning when the buggy in which they were driving was struck by the Canadian Pacific westbound flier.
A hired man. whose name could not be secured, saw the train approaching and jumped for his life. He was unhurt. No reason can be advanced for the failure of the father and son to see the approach of the train which was travelling at fifty miles an hour.
The buggy was hurled high tn the air and parts of it were strewn along the way The horse was instantly killed also.
Dr. Howard Munroe of Maxvilie was notified and decided to hold an inquest at a date yet to be set. Mr. McDiarmid and his son were quite used to travelling over the level crossing where the accident occurred and knew what time the train was due.

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