Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1922, May 27 - GTR passenger train breaks an axle near Nepean, Renfrew sub.

Ottawa Citizen Monday 29 May 1922

The derailing of the G.T.R. express from Pembroke, on Saturday night, was narrowly averted through Mr E. Moore, 134 Cartier street, the fireman of the train, looking back from the window of the engine cab and noticing that an axle of one of the passenger coaches had broken. The train at the time was near the Ncpean yards of the J. R. Booth Ltd. It was immediately brought to a standstill, and the passengers were transferred from the passenger coaches to the mail and baggage cars and brought to the city.
The spot where the broken axle was noticed is but a short distance from a sharp curve, near Holland avenue viaduct, and It is generally believed that had the train taken this curve one or more coaches would have become derailed. After the regular train had delivered its passengers at the Central Station, a crew was sent out to bring in the damaged passenger coach.

Ottawa Journal 29 May 1922

A broken axle on Grand Trunk train No. 52 occasioned some inconvenience to passengers on the train early Saturday evening, as a result of which they had to transfer to other coaches at the Bank street yards.
The break occurred at 6.40 o'clock standard time, Saturday evening, as the train was pulling into the Bank street yards. The axle broke low in the second class coach. There was no confusion, the passengers changing quietly over to the express and baggage cars.
The train which makes the run from Depot Harbor to Ottawa, was only about 10 minutes late as the result of the break. Conductor Tom J. Brachen, 38 College avenue, was in charge.

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