Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1938, August 8 - CNR Transcontinental train derails at Strathearn, Beachburg sub., no injuries

Ottawa Journal 8 August 1938

Crack Train Derailed Near Ottawa
Member of crew discovers defective wheel and stops flyer - 70 passengers come in by bus to Ottawa.

Derailment of a car on the No. 2 trans-continental C.N.R. train at 5.40, standard time this morning, near Strathearn, about 17 miles from Ottawa, held up the train more than 3 hours and made it necessary for 70 passengers to be transported to Ottawa by buses.
No one was injured in the accident, which was caused by a broken journal on the fourth car from the front. The train, due in Ottawa at 6:20  standard time, was 3 hours and 22 minutes late, but meanwhile it's Montreal contingent had arrived by bus and had been transferred to the number No. 45 train.
Brought In By Bus
Normally the latter train leaves Ottawa for Montreal at 7.30, but when word came through that the passengers from the derailed train were being brought in by bus No. 45 was held for about an hour. Among the 70 passengers brought in by bus were a number of Ottawa residents.
The No. 2 train was brought to an immediate stop when a member of the crew noticed there was something wrong with the wheels of the fourth car. The train was going 25 miles an hour. Investigation revealed one pair of wheels had become derailed as a result of a broken journal, and the rails had been torn up for a short distance.
R. A. McQuade, assistant superintendent of the C.N.R., with W. Roach, master mechanic, and members of the auxiliary mechanical staff, were rushed to the scene, and repaired the broken Journal.
12 Cars In Train.
There were 12 cars on the train. The car involved in the mishap carried a load of fish from Prince Rupert, B.C., for consumption in Montreal. The accident occurred on the Beachburg sub-division line.
J.A. Rogers, C.N.R. Superintendent, told The Journal the damage was very slight and the accident was not regarded as serious.

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