Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1964, January 1964 - Automobile slides into a passenger train at Templeton, CPR, Lachute subdivision, one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 20 January 1964

Auto skids into train, driver dead
 Pierre Lafleche, 13. of 4 Seventh Ave., Ste. Rose de Lima, Que., was instantly killed Saturday afternoon when his car was struck by an Ottawa-Montreal passenger train, near Templeton.
The accident occurred at the Templeton-Ste. Rose de Lima railway crossing. The youth, alone in his car, came down the inclined roadway on the south side of the railway crossing shortly after 2 p.m. He was unable to stop because of extremely icy road conditions.
The entire front end of the car was destroyed by the impact with the train engine.
Dr. Jean Lorrain, district coroner, viewed the body shortly after it was removed from the car wreckage. Templeton Police Chief Rhea) Sanscartier investigated.

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