Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1932, August 30 - Crossing collision at Wyman, CPR., Waltham sub., one fatality

Ottawa Journal 30 August 1932

Emile Manceau is killed when train hits car
Brewery Salesman loses his life at Grade Crossing at Wyman.
Say that engineer did not see auto

Emile Manceau, 87 Leduc Street, Hull, traveler for Bradings Brewery, was instantly killed at eight o'clock (standard time) this morning when the automobile he was driving was struck by the C.P.R. Waltham to Ottawa passenger train at a grade crossing near the station at Wyman, Que., 36 miles from Ottawa.
When the engine, which was traveling 15 to 20 miles per hour, struck his car in the center, Mr. Manceau was thrown out, his body was found under the engine tender, badly mutilated.
Car Carried 150 feet.
The automobile was carried by the train about 150 feet before it was brought to a stop. The accident occurred as the train was arriving at Wyman station. The engine was in charge of T. Allen, 81 Preston Street, and Conductor W.A. Riddell, 77 Renfrew avenue. Mr. Manceau's car approached the crossing from the fireman's side of the engine, and was not seen until it was struck, it was stated.
Inquest is opened.
The body was placed in the care of W.F. Prichard, caretaker of the C.P.R. station at Wyman. Gauthier's ambulance from Hull was called and removed it to Hull early this afternoon.
The train was delayed 45 minutes by the accident.
An inquest was opened at 2.30 this afternoon at the Cobalt Hotel, Quyon.
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Ottawa Citizen 30 August 1932

Hull Man Killed On Level Crossing At Wyman Today
Emile Manseau Tried to Leave Auto, But Was Too Late.

Driving his motor car in the path of a C.P.R. train which he apparently did not see approaching the station at Wyman, Que., Emile Manseau, 37Ledc Street, Hull, 52 years of age, met instant death shortly after 9 o'clock this morning. Eyewitnesses to the tragedy say that to Mr. Manseau, once on the tracks, evidently became aware of his plight and attempted to leave the car. As he did so he stumbled out of the door and fell directly in the path of the train, which passed over him and crashed into the motor car.
The train, due at Wyman at 9.03 o'clock, was bound for Ottawa. It was immediately brought to a stop and the crew proceeded to remove the unfortunate man's body from beneath the train. It was badly mutilated. The car was thrown some distance along the right-of-way and is a total wreck. Mr. Manseau was a salesman for the Brading Breweries and his territory included the rural Quebec District.
No inquest was held [sic]

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