Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1908, September 2 - Derailment of a passenger train at mile 4 Point Fortune sub.

RG 46 vol. 1534, file 8548

Report by Inspector Lalonde.

Extra passenger train 812 derailed at m. 4 on 2 Sep 1908. Engine 812, baggage car 1913 and passenger coaches 135 and 136 derailed at 15:30 4 miles west of Rigaud at 30 mph. and destroyed approx. 400’ of roadbed.  It was caused by the tender leading wheel of the leading tender truck breaking down.  The flange broke.  Results were not serious.  There were about 75 passengers of which 38 girl students going to the convent at St. Andrews.  All escaped injury except Mrs. Ross of between Hudson Heights and Como who had a strained ankle.  A 56 lb. rail entered the underflooring of the baggage car and came out the side sill and pulled with it three other rails joined and remained intact forming a complete arch about 15’ high over the track; and when these rails were pulled out by the steam crane they formed three quarter circle.

Ottawa Citizen 3 September 1908

Tender caused derailment.
An accident on the Point Fortune branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway near Rigaud yesterday afternoon derailed the tender of an engine, ditched a baggage car, tore up some track and gave a severe jolt to a party of student passengers. No one was injured. The train was a special loaded with students mostly from Montreal, bound for an educational institution at Point Fortune and the accident occurred about four miles from Rigaud. The special was traveling at a good clip when from some unknown cause the tender jumped taking off the baggage car with it. The locomotive and coaches stayed on. Considerable track was torn up but no one was hurt. Repairs were made by a crew sent up for the purpose and traffic was reopened after a few hours.

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