Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1927, February 7 - Girl plunges off bridge to river to escape train, Carleton Place, CPR., Chalk River sub.

Ottawa Citizen 8 February 1927

Mies Annin Pretty in Thrilling Episode at Carleton Place.
Saved From Icy Stream By Allan Swayne.
Same Train Few Seconds Later Strikes James Angus, Retired Station Agent S
CARLETON PLACE. Feb. 7. Two Sisters. Annie and Ethel Pretty, miraculously escaped being run down by a C.P.R. passenger train, while crossing the railway bridge over the Mississippi river, here this evening. The former, jumping from the bridge, was saved from drowning only through the prompt action of Allan Swayne, who, noticing her danger, plunged into the icy waters and assisted her to shore.
It was the Pembroke-Ottawa local, due to arrive in the Capital at 6.15 o'clock, that nearly ran down the two girls, and a few minutes later struck James Angus, aged 70 years, retired station agent at Merrickville, just as it was pulling into the Carleton Place station. Mr. Angus fortunately escaped serious injury. He was conveyed to the Civic Hospital at Ottawa.
Barely Escaped
Annie Pretty, aged about 13 years, and ElheI. aged 12, walking the railway tracks, were about the center of the bridge spanning the Mississippi river when they noticed the passenger train speeding towards them. The younger of the two undertook to outrun the train, and sueceeded in gaining the end of the bridge and clearing the tracks just as the speeding tram flew by.
The other plunged Into the icy waters of the Mississippi about fifteen feet below, and was floating steadily to almost certain death over a cataract only few yards away, when Swayne, risking bis own life, plunged into the water and helped her to shore There, rescued and rescuer were assisted from the water by willing hands, and everything possible was done for them. Both were attended by Dr. Downing, who found them to be suffering from shock and cold.
Like Scene in "Movies."
The episode resembled a thrilling moving picture escapade more than reality. The two girls were walking across the bridge chatting good-humoredly and then, in an instant, there was a scream, as they became aware of their danger.
Annie wore a heavy fur coat, and this possibly would have handicapped her had she decided to run with her sister. This, however, helped to keep her afloat on the river until her rescuer succeeded in reaching her.
The girls' escape from being run oown by the train and the plunge into the water was witnessed by workers in the upper floors of the Bates and Innes, woollen mills, which are located alongside the river. An alarm was spread through the building, and reached Swayne as he stood in tbe plant office, preparing to go home after having completed his day's work.
Carried Towards Falls
Without hesitating a moment Swayne slipped out of his coat, trousers and boots, rushed from the building and on to the river bank and plunged in. The suddenness of his plunge chilled him to the marrow, but on he went, swimming and struggling through the slush which covered the open water.
 As the girl, floating near midstream, was slowly being carried towards the falls, Swayne's fellow workers and others who had gathered on the bank held their breaths as Swayne matched his skill at swimming with the swiftly running current.

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