Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1898, July 24 - Two passenger trains collide head on 1 miles east of Pembroke, Canadian Pacific, 9 injured.

Ottawa Journal 25 July 1898

Shortly after one o'clock yesterday morning.
The regular CPR passenger train commonly known as "The Soo" passes this station on its way east at 1.02 a.m. and Saturday night it came into the station carrying a red signal, but through a blunder on the part of some one was not detained here as it should have been and shortly after pulling out from the station ran head on into a special passenger train loaded with excursionists returning from the North Lanark Agricultural Society's excursion to the Experimental Farm, Ottawa.
Occurred about 1 1/2 miles east of Pembroke and fortunately was on a straight stretch of road where the engineers of both trains had time to realize the danger.  They reversed their engines and applied air brakes, and this done they jumped with their firemen for their lives.
Who was at fault etc.
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