Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1935, August 12 - Crossing collision at Deschenes, CPR., Waltham sub., one fatality.

Ottawa Citizen 12 December, 1935

Doucet Acquitted Of Manslaughter
Hull Taxi Driver involved in fatal accident at Deschenes Crossing.

Donat Doucet, Hull taxi driver, was acquitted at Hull criminal assizes on a charge of manslaughter. The jury deliberated 40 minutes before rendering its verdict. The charge against Doucet was laid following an automobile accident which occurred at Deschenes on August 12th, last. Doucet was returning with eight passengers in a car after a swimming party when, at the level crossing of Deschenes, he did not notice the train approaching and his car struck the last coach of the train.

Miss Beatrice Lecuter was instantly killed while some of the other passengers were injured. Witnesses said that the party in the car drank several bottles of beer and also some liquor. Lucien Labelle, a mechanic, swore the brakes on Doucet's car were in bad order. The engineer of the train also said he had blown the whistle twice before approaching the crossing.

The defense claimed the driver of the automobile was sober and that there was no negligence on his part. Paul A. Boivin, Hull barrister, was counsel for Doucet, while the case was conducted by Crown Attorney J.A. Parent, K.C.

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