Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1886, April 14 - Canada Atlantic Railway rear end collision close to Ottawa, no injuries.

Ottawa Journal 14 April 1886

One Engine Smashed, Three Cars Telescoped but Nobody Injured.

A serious pitch in occurred on the Canada Atlantic this morning shortly after seven o'clock at a point about eight miles from the city. It appears that the out-going freight train, which was the first departure from Elgin Street station, was followed by another freight. The latter train departed only five or ten minutes later and had reached the points named when it dashed into the rear cars of the forward train with tremendous force. A dense fog was prevailing at the time, preventing the engineer from whistling "down brakes" until too late. As it was the driver and fireman had barely time to jump for their lives. They escaped unhurt. The engine was pretty badly smashed and now lies overturned in the ditch. The three rear-most cars of the first train were partially telescoped and were also hurled from the track scattering their contents about. As the accident occurred between two stations intelligence of it did not reach the city until half an hour later. In the meantime, the express for Montreal started but was brought to a standstill at the scene of the accident. The passengers were brought back to town and the train was cancelled. A wrecking train was despatched from the station about 8:30, and the track is now clear of the debris. Several brakeman on the freights were somewhat shaken, but all escaped injury.
The loss will probably exceed a couple of thousand dollars. An investigation into the cause of the accident will be held. The usual evening train will be dispatched to Montreal to-day.

Ottawa Citizen 15 April 1886

The early morning mixed train on the Canada Atlantic Railway yesterday was brought to a stop about four miles from the city owing to the engine breaking down.  A freight train coming along five minutes later ran into the rear of the mixed, the fog being so dense the driver had not time to stop the train after perceiving the obstruction,  The freight engine was derailed and pretty badly broken, as were also three cars of the mixed train.  None of the men on the trains were hurt.

Ottawa Journal 19 April 1886

The cars wrecked on the recent smash-up on the C.A.R. are being repaired at the Company’s shops on Elgin street.

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