Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1923, February 1 - Warning issued by CPR about people using tracks other than at crossings.

Winchester Press 1 February 1923

Warning Issued by Rly. Coy.
Mr. T. W. Boyes, local C. P. R. Agent, has handed the Press the following communication received by Mr. Crabb, the Supt. of this division.
"The superintendent of this division of the Canadian Pacific Railway requests me to ask the cooperation of The Press is [sic] discouraging the people, young and old, from using our track as a thoroughfare and a highway.
"Every day we see school children, and also men and women going to work, crossing the tracks at places other than public crossings, and every day they are in danger of being killed or injured. Recently, a man was seriously injured and his horse killed by one of our fast trains, on account of him using our tracks as a highway and driving along for a distance of about a mile. We have also found that a certain class of people have used our tracks as a highway between stations, which is a very dangerous practice. We do not want people to take chances of killing themselves or derailing our trains.
"Every year there is a large number of people killed and injured on the railways in Canada and the United States and naturally we wish to keep our division clear of any such accidents. This can be done if the people of the town and vicinity will cooperate with us and do all they can to keep people from using our tracks as a thoroughfare or a highway.
"If the teachers in the different grades would explain the danger to their pupils particularly to those who have to cross the railway tracks and maybe using shortcuts and those living near the tracks, I am sure much good preventative work can be accomplished"

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