Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1966, August 22 - Runaway train Buckingham sub. locomotive and four cars derailed.

Canadian Pacific Educational Bulletin #8; Buckingham (Junction) Quebec

At 1235 on August 22nd, 1966, at Buckingham Junction Quebec, mp 0 on the Buckingham Subdivision, while Work Extra 8440 (Buckingham Road Switcher) was performing switch operation on south end of Murphy Siding, mp 2.0, engine was backing southward downgrade towards Buckingham Junction, pulling seven cars.  The switch to the main track was lined up to leave one car on the main track.  Movement failed to stop, engine was pushed down grade and contacted four cars and van standing on west leg of wye derailing engine and four cars and causing damage of $68,000.
After leaving four cars and van in west leg of wye clear of main track of the Lachute Subdivision at mileage 100.0, engine proceeded northbound upgrade with two cars ahead of engine and four cars behind, with one trainman in cab and the other trainman riding the leading car upgrade.  Conductor had remained in the van at Buckingham Junction.  Five cars were switched to various business sidings and the last car was taken to the south end of shed track at Buckingham Station, mp 5, and at the top of the grade. At this point, trainman was instructed to take out one empty tank car and place a load in Imperial Oil siding, take out one empty and place loads at Murphy's siding, in the middle of the grade.
An empty tank was picked up at Imperial Oil siding and placed on main track, and one trainman was instructed to remain with the car.  Engine then proceeded to Murphy's siding, entering from the south to lift an empty car.  Coupling was made onto five loads, trainman released hand brakes, movement proceeded about three car lengths, and coupled onto two cars.  Trainman gave back-up signal and movement commenced southward downgrade with seven cars on unit. Trainman detrained at the switch and lined it for northward movement, where an empty car was to be coupled to the empty tank.  Trainman then gave stop signal to engineman.  The movement did not stop, continued down grade until it contacted the four cars and van standing in the west leg of wye, resulting in cars being pushed through main track switch and onto the main track of the Lachute Subdivision in vicinity of the station, derailing engine and four cars.
 A violation of Rule 106, Para. 2, U.C.O.R., Rule 1213, Code of Safety Rules and Safe Practices, and Rule ll, Form 583, were the causes of this derailment.
 Weather:  Raining, Foggy 65F above.

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