Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1956, December 13 - Crossing accident Renfrew, CPR Chalk River sub., no injuries

From the Ottawa Citizen Friday 14 December 1956

Leap Saves Drivers From Train Crash
RENFREW (Special)-Two Renfrew men narrowly escaped injury Thursday by jumping from the cab of a transport just before it was struck by a CPR passenger train. The accident occurred just before noon at the Munro Street level crossing here.
Gordon Harper, 33, of 339 Harry Street, driver of the Taggart Service Transport and his bother (sic) Bruce Harper of 31 Hinck Street, leaped from the cab only seconds before it was struck by east bound CPR train No. 8. The transport was proceeding south on Munro.
Police said they were not sure if the transport driver had not seen the train, or if the icy condition of the street had prevented the unit from stopping.
The tractor portion of the unit sustained damage estimated at $2,000. The trailer was not damaged.
Conductor of the train was J. L. Hussey of Ottawa, and the engineer was E. Carle of Ottawa.
The investigation was conducted by OPP Cpl. E. A. Hunter and Cons. George Widdows.

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