Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1923, September 21 - Crossing collision at Castleford, CPR., Chalk River sub., two fatalities.

Morrisburg Leader 28 September 1923

Two Men Are Killed At Grade Crossing
Their Auto Is Smashed To Pieces By Fast C.P.R. Train

A despatch from Arnprior says :- John Moffatt and N.D. Kelly, residents of Arnprior, were instantly killed by the C.P.R. train going east at 2.30 Friday morning at the level crossing near Castleford, 10 miles from Renfrew. Their car was smashed to smithereens.
They were on their way home from Renfrew Fair. At the place where the accident occurred approaching trains can be seen some distance off, and all sound the usual warning. The automobile was not hit by the engine, but the conclusion is that it was hit by the second coach. Both men were married, Kelly having three of a family.

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