Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1933, October 27 - Crossing collision, Arnprior, CNR., Renfrew sub., minor injury

Ottawa Citizen 28 October 1933

Ottawan Escapes As Train Hits Car
Benjamin S. Bolton Only Jarred and Shocked in Smash Near Arnprior.
 ARNPRIOR, Ont., Oct. 27. Benjamin S. Bolton, 105 Grove avenue, Ottawa, member of the Ottawa firm of Webster and Bolton, is alive and uninjured, but his light coach is almost a wreck as a result of Mr. Bolton driving his car into the side of a C.N.R. train at a level crossing about a half mile east of Arnprior late this afternoon. The mishap occurred about 4.50. The afternoon westbound local of the C.N.R. was approaching Arnprior. Mr. Bolton was driving to this town from Ottawa on highway 17, and coming to the crossing, failed to notice the approach of the train until it was too late to avoid a crash. Too late, he swerved his car in an effort to run along the track beside the train.
When the train and car crashed, the right front wheel and headlight were torn from the auto. The car was tossed around on the road as a fender and the rear right wheel were in turn smashed to kindling. The auto was not overturned and conclusion of the mishap found the lone driver jarred and shocked, but otherwise unhurt.
The car was towed to a local garage and it is estimated that about $300 will be required to repair the damage. The force of the collision broke an air line on the train and it was held up for two hours while repairs were being made.
This is the third serious accident at this crossing during the past eighteen months. Although it has no protective device in the form of signal or wig-wag and although the highway and track meet at a small angle, the crossing has never been considered as particularly dangerous.

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