Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1933, July 28 - Crossing collision, Bridge Street, Hull, Hull Electric Railway, no injury

Ottawa Journal 28 July 1933

Street Car, Locomotive and Auto in accident

Locomotive, street car and automobile figured in an unusual accident at the E. B. Eddie Company's track crossing on Bridge Street, Hull, at 12.45 o clock this morning, but no one was hurt and only minor damage ensued to the automobile.

An Ottawa car, proceeding from Hull toward's the Chaudiere bridge, apparently passed too close to the rear of a Hull Electric company yard engine pulling a line of freight cars out of the Eddie paper mill, and crossing Bridge Street. The front bumper of the automobile caught in the heavy couplings at the rear of the locomotive and the entire automobile was dragged across the roadway from west to east.

Fortunately the automobile did not upset. A Streetcar was approaching the Hull terminus of the Ottawa Electric Railway company as the car was dragged over the intersection, but, having been flagged for the shunting train, did not crash into the vehicle. A small crowd of Mill workman and pedestrians finally extricated the automobile by taking off its bumper. Traffic on the streetcar line was held up about 20 minutes.

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Updated 22 February 2021