Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1902, 26 May - an O&NY passenger trains derails just north of Crysler. No injuries

Ottawa Journal 27 May 1902

Fifty People in Peril
Passenger cars on O&NY left the track
Ran 150 yards and stuck on the edge of an embankment.  Had it gone over many injuries might have resulted.
Two coaches on the Ottawa and New York Railway jumped the track yesterday morning and resulted in blocking traffic for the day.  The passenger train left here at 7.40 a.m. and when within a mile and a half of Crysler station, the two coaches immediately following the engine and baggage car, left the rails and went about 150 yards before being stopped.  The track for the whole distance was torn up and practically every tie made into kindling.  When the car stopped the wheels were hidden in the mud and the cars were at such an angle that it seemed but little force would be required to send them tumbling over the embankment.
There were about fifty pasengers in the cars and though they had an unpleasant experience for a few seconds they fortunately escaped uninjured.  They, however, got a bad fright and shaking up.  Had the car rolled down the embankment there would probably be a different story.
The wrecking crew from Santa Clara were soon on the scene but it was not until 5 o'clock that the cars were removed and the track relaid ready for traffic.  The train due at Ottawa 10.50 a.m. reached the city at 6 p.m.
The damage to the cars was slight.

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