Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1921, September 2 - Section foreman dies when hit by a train, CNR. Beachburg sub.

Ottawa Citizen 3 September 1921

Jacques Parisien, C.N.R. section foreman, of South March. Ont., who was badly injured when the gasoline rail car on which he was-riding was hit by a passenger train, died Inst night at the Ottawa General hospital, Water street. The body was removed to Woodburn's Funeral Home, McLeod street, where Coroner Craig had decided to open an inquest this morning at nine o'clock. As yet no funeral arrangements have been made.
When the late Mr. Parisien received his injuries yesterday morning he was attempting to get the motor car he was riding off the rails instead of seeking safety for himself, after he had sighted an approaching passenger train. At the time he was travelling across a trestle bridge.
He did not get the machine clear of the rails before the train was upon him and he was struck by the engine and thrown from the trestle. The train was brought to a stop and members of the crew picked up the injured man. He was found to be unconscious, so he was taken on the train and brought to the city. The train was met by Woodburn's ambulance, and the injured man was taken to the Ottawa General hospital, Water street. Here he was put under the care of Dr. Woods, who found him to be suffering from internal injuries and from a fractured thigh, arm and ribs. The deceased was married and his widow and family reside at South March. Some brothers reside at Orleans, Ont.

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