Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, August 29 - Four boys jump off train Tenaga, CPR., Maniwaki sub.

Ottawa Citizen 30 August 1937

Four Boys Jump Off Train, Cause Anxiety For Time

Four young boys were reported to have jumped from a moving train about a mile north of Chelsea. The boys are reported to have climbed aboard the Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train from the Gatineau Sunday night at Tenaga and were discovered standing outside on the platform of one of the cars by the conductor. The official finding that they had no tickets ordered them inside the car and told them to sit down, that they would be put off at the next station, whjch was Chelsea. Just as the train was approaching that station it was noticed that the lads were missing.
The conductor at once stopped the train and ordered it backed up to the point were the lads were first discovered, and although a careful search was made along the right-of-way no signs of the boys were found.

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