Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1873, February 11 - Derailment near Brockville, Grand Trunk Railway, several injured

Almonte Gazette 14 February 1873

Accident on the Grand Trunk
More Smash Ups and Crash Ups
PRESCOTT JUNCTION February 12. - The Pullman, a first-class, and the post office cars, of No. 3 Express, of last night got off the track and upset, a mile or so this side of Brockville. They brought the injured passengers on to this place, where they are now under the care of Dr. Brouse. None of them are believed to be dangerously injured, though pretty badly bruised.
Following are the names of all who were seriously injured by the Pullman incident: - Mrs. Moore, of Maine, U.S.; Mr. Floyd, of England; Mr. Carey, Mr. Prudhomme, Mr. Cameron, and Mr. Stogo, Mr. Stafford, of Ontario; Mr. Bouell of Kansas, U,S.; and Mr. M.R.J. Devlin of Ottawa. The injuries are caused by cuts, bruises and the shock. None of the patients are in danger, but several will have to stay over for a few days.

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