Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1928, 10 October - C.P.R. eastbound transcontinental train is derailed at Ottawa Union station. No Injuries

Ottawa Journal 10 October 1928

One Hundred Feet of Track Torn Up At Ottawa Station.
The engine and two cars of the crowded C. P. R. Transcontinental train from Winnipeg were derailed at 5.05 this morning immediately under Connaught Place at Union Station. More than 100 feet of track were torn up and for more than three hours the main line was put out of commission.
There were no casualties, perhaps owing to the fact that the Western train was going only eight miles an hour when the accident occurred.
The derailment took place just in front of a switch, almost immediately under the eastern exit of Connaught Place, and the engine and cars left the track on the station side of the line.
Are Probing Cause
The tracks at this point are about 30 feet from the Rldeau Canal, from which they are protected by a cement wall. The through mail and baggage cars were derailed, but the diner, which was the next car to the baggage carrier, remained on the track.
No cause has been assigned for the accident, but an investigation is proceeding under the direction of District Superintendent J. K. Hughes of the C. P. R. For three hours all C.P.R trains had to be rerouted on the line via Hurdman's Bridge. The first train to pass the repaired track was the early morning Gatineau train at 8.05. Up to noon workmen were still engaged in repairing the tracks
Little Excitement
H.Z. Hudson, of Winnipeg, who was a passenger on the train, told The Journal there was only a slight jar which (sic) the engine and cars left the track Mr. Hudson, who is stopping over in Ottawa for a few days, said many of the passengers thought the train had pulled up at the train platform, and there was no excitement.
C.P.R officials almost immediately made arrangements for the re-routing of passengers to Montreal and eastern points.

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