Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1935, April 15 - Crossing accident Almonte, CPR., Chalk River sub., one fatality.

Ottawa Journal 16 April, 1935

Unidentified Man Killed by Train At Level Crossing
Score See Tragedy at Almonte - Full Description of Victim Is Given by Police.

ALMONTE. April 15. Dropping to the tracks in front of the east-bound Pembroke local at the Bridge street crossing here, at 3.38 this afternoon, an unidentified man was killed in the pretence of a score of people. The man's body was badly mangled. Dr. A.A. Metcalfe, coroner, had the body removed to the undertaking parlors of George L, Comba. [sic]
The man. who was unknown in Almonte, had been seen near the scene of the accident for the greater part of the day, and on hearing the whistle of the afternoon local he hurried to the crossing and fell in front of the onrushing train.

In Busy Part of Town.

The Bridge street crossing is located in the downtown section of the town, being near the intersection of the two main business streets. The train was in charge of Conductor I. Snyder and Engineer F.C. Towsley.

Victim Is Described.
Description ot the victim was forwarded to Ottawa by Chief Major Walsh, of the Almonte police, and local enquiries are being conducted by Detective Ernest Sabourin

Part missing

Ottawa police have no one to correspond to the man killed on their list of missing persons.

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