Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1932, November 26 - Crossing collision, Booth Street, Ottawa, CNR Renfrew sub., minor injuries

Ottawa Citizen 28 November 1932

Truck Wrecked But Driver Not Severely Hurt
Youth Hurled 10 Feet With Milk Delivery Vehicle Struck By Train at Booth St. Crossing.
George Cassell, aged 18 years, of City View, escaped with a shaking up early Saturday evening, when a milk truck, the property of Knox Dairy, was hurled about forty feet when struck by a CNR passenger train at the Booth street crossing on the cross town tracks. After the truck landed on its side at the side of the roadway down the street from the crossing, Cassell scrambled out from a mass of wreckage and milk cans, and went to a nearbv house.
Police Constable Frank Harris. who lnvestigved the accident, reported that Cassell, who is employed only as a helper and who, police say, had no permit to drive a motor vehicle, was proceedirg southerly along Booth street to another customer, having left William Knox, the owner and regular driver, about a block back where he was delivering milk. Cassell told Constable Harris that he did not hear the crosing bell ringing or see the train approach.
Truck Struck Twice.
Just as the front of the truck drove onto the crossing a C.N.R. passenger train, eastbound from Golden Lake to Ottawa, crossed the street. The locomotive struck the front of the truck spinning it around and as the truck swung the side of the train struck it in the rear and shot it at an angle about forty feet back north along Booth street. where it overturned on its side.
Did Not Hear Bell
Joseph Wilkes, 250 Lebreton street, who was standing at the corner of Booth and Raymond streets at the time, witnessed the accident. He told police that, he did not hear the crossing bell ringing and his statement was substantiated by Mr and Mrs M.J. McGrath. 501 Booth street, who live alongside the crossing. They ran from their home on hearing the noise of the crash. The train was brought to a stop past the crossing and according to the police the warning bell commenced to ring as the train backed up.
 A report of the accident was forwarded from the local C.N.R.superintendent's office to headquarters.
The yard limit on that line is near Bayswater avenue and trains both incoming and outgoing travel at a speed much lower than in the open country.

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