Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1957, April 1 - Two Trains Wreck a Jeep At Prescott, CNR, Kingston sub. No injuries

Ottawa Citizen  2 April 1957

Two Trains Wreck Jeep, Driver Jumps
PRESCOTT (Special) Sandwiched between the eastbound Canadian National Flyer and a slow-moving westbound freight, a motor jeep operated by Gary Dewar, 17, of Prescott, was reduced to a twisted mass of steel, at the Edwai'd Street crossing Monday evening.
Dewar, who jumped to safety after striking the freight first, escaped with a gashed forehead and spent the night in Brockville Hospital.
The youth was driving the jeep north on Edward Street and apparently failed to notice the wigwag, or presumed that the slow-moving diesel - engined freight was not moving. His car struck about three-quarters back of the front of the locomotive and lost its left front wheel. Unable to move the vehicle, he stepped back and waited helplessly while the Montreal-bound passenger express approached five minutes later.
Trainmen were able to warn the engine crew of the flyer sufficiently to slow it down but not before the jeep was jammed between the two trains.

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