Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1983, February 16 - 15 cars derail near Cornwall, CNR., Kingston sub.

Ottawa Citizen 17 February 1983

Train spill blocks line
 CORNWALL (CP) Fifteen cars of a 127-car freight train derailed just east of here late Wednesday night, blocking both tracks of Canadian National Railways' main track between Toronto and Montreal.
Mike Matthews, CNR spokesman, said no one was injured in the accident and no hazardous materials were contained in the derailed cars.
Of the 15 cars that left the track, five were empty and the other 10 contained automobiles, auto parts, soy beans, flour and general merchandise, said Matthews.
Repair crews were on the scene but Matthews said he did not know when the track would be cleared.
Meanwhile, some traffic, including VIA Rail passenger trains, was being rerouted over Canadian Pacific Railway lines between Brockville and Dorval, Que.
Matthews said the cause of the derailment was still being investigated.

Ottawa Citizen 1 March 1983

Car axle broke
CORNWALL (Staff) A broken box-car axle caused the freight train derailment almost two weeks ago just east of here, Canadian National officials say.
Although no one was injured, damage was "substantial" when 15 cars of the 127-car, east-bound train left the tracks.
None of the derailed freight cars two of which were loaded with new cars carried hazardous material.

See Branchline March 1983, page 2 and April 1983, page 7.

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