Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1897, August 31 - 13 freight cars and the locomotive tender derailed at Goshen, OA&PS.

Ottawa Citizen 3 August 1897

A train of 13 cars was ditched on the O.A. & P.S. on Saturday afternoon last.
The accident occurred at Goshen station around 2 p.m.  A freight train was coming east at Goshen and either ran into an open switch or the rails spread.
The engine remained on the track and also the van.  The tender and thirteen cars were thrown from the track into the ditch and were considerably damaged. 
The cars were empty and did not sustain as much damage as otherwise. 
The wrecking train was sent out from Ottawa and cleared the track in a short time.  The express trains up and down were considerably delayed by the accident.
None of the trainmen left the train and were in no way injured.

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