Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1952, July 11 - Railroader Killed at Smiths Falls, CPR,  while Switching Passenger Train.

Ottawa Citizen, 11 July 1952

Railroader Is Killed
By Staff Reporter
SMITHS FALLS Crushed between a baggage car and a backing engine of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Ottawa-Toronto train No. 23, Glen Davisson, 36-year-old yardman from Unity, Sask., was instantly killed at 2.30 o'clock this morning near the Smiths Falls station.
The accident occurred while cars of the passenger train were being switched from one track to another during a one-hour stop-over. Davisson reportedly had signalled the engine to back and pick up the front section of the train for the transfer operation.
The engineer was Raoul Andre, and the fireman was Keith Burnett, both of Smiths Falls.
The upper part of Davisson's body was jammed between the buffer and couplings as the engine met the first car. He was pronounced dead by Dr. Arthur B. Murphy.
Inquest Opened
A coroner's jury was impanelled this morning under instructions from Coroner Dr. J. J. McGuire. The jury viewed the body at the Amy Funeral Home at one o'clock this afternoon, but the date of the inquest had not yet been set.

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