Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1938, September 24 - Train halted by stones on rails, Ottawa West, CPR., Carleton Place sub.

Ottawa Citizen 26 September 1938

Train Halted by Slones on Rail
Canadian Pacific Railway police were conducting an investigation over the week-end into the laying of a large number of stones on the rails just west of Ottawa West station on Saturday night. The stones were discovered when the pool train from Toronto arrived just before 11 o'clock. The train was halted and the stones were discovered by the crew. No damage was caused to the train, which ground many of the stones into small particles, but an investigation disclosed that a number of holes had been dug in the ballast and the stones laid on the rails. Railway officials were of the opinion that the stones had been placed on the rails by youngsters. Police in that district over the week-end were keeping a sharp lookout for the culprits.

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Updated 7 June 2021