Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1952, April 15 - Girl "Brushed" by the Pembroke Local, Canadian National Beachburg subdivision, minor injury

Ottawa Citizen, 15 April 1952

Girl Leaps From In Front Of Train
Barbara Stoddart, 19-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stoddart, 5 1/2 Plymouth Street, missed death by inches this morning when she was "brushed" by the Pembroke local on the crosstown tracks near Rochester Street.
Miss Stoddart, a stenographer a the Central Ordnance Depot left her home shortly before 830 a. .and was proceeding along the right of way when thetrain loomed up behind her.
Attempted To Leap
She attempted to leap clear of the the tracks, but apparently the train brushed her in passing and hurled her down beside the right-of-way.
She sustained a possible fracture of her right arm in the fall and was suffering from shock. The emergency car of the fire department was rushed to the scene and the injured girl was conveyed to the Civic Hospital.
"Barbara leaves about 8.30 every morning to walk to work.  But she does not usually go along Ithe railway track." the girl's mother said. "It might be that the train came along just as she was at the crossing and she became confused and ran along the tracks."
Suffers Shock
Hospital authorities said that while the girl was suffering from jshock, and a possible fractured right arm. her condition was not regarded as serious. X-rays will be taken to determine whether not tne arm is broken.
Her escape is regarded as miraculous since had she been struck by the train sne wou!d certainly have been killed. As a result of the accident the train a CNR locai to Pembroke, was held up for some minutes until the arrival of the ambulance and investigation of the accident.

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