Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1920, June 26 - Derailment at Cascades delays passenger trains, CPR., Maniwaki sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 28 June 1920

Ottawa-Bound Passengers on Gatineau Trains Delayed I Saturday Night.
Tht [sic] derailment of a north bound light engine on the C. P. R., Gatineau Valley route, on Saturday night, was responsible for the passengers on the two trains bound for Ottawa being delayed upwards of two hours and a half in reaching their destination.
The light engine, while proceeding northwards left the rails at a point about one mile north of the Cascades dragging the tender for some distance along the ties, and tearing up the tracks, but fortunately did not topple over. News of the accident was carried by the fireman on the engine to Cascades station where it was telegraphed in to Ottawa. In the meantime the two Ottawa trains were flagged about 100 yards from the scene of the accident. The C. P. R. sent a special train, consisting of three coaches, to which the stranded passengers and their baggage were transferred and brought to Ottawa, arriving at 12.40 on Sunday morning.
The passengers, who consisting largely of women and children, many of whom had been out on berry picking excursions, were loud in their praise of the train crews of the special and regular trains, who did everything to help them, even to the extent of carrying their bagage from their own trains to the special, on the other side of the wreck.
This is the second accident of a similar nature, which has occurred at this point, an engine being derailed in the vicinity on Sunday last. The accident is believed to have been due to a spread rail.

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