Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1926, October 29 - Quick action prevents a collision with an express train at Mountain, CPR., Winchester sub.

Winchester Press 4 November 1926

Horse killed at Mountain
A valuable horse, owned by Mr. Bert Brooks, was killed at Mountain station on Friday night last about midnight. Mr. Brooks was driving towards the railroad crossing from the north, when a freight train was seen fast approaching from the west. Mr. Brooks who recently broke an arm, could only hold the reins in one hand, and the horse, a spirited animal, became frightened and ran into the freight train as it was passing. It was knocked sideways and the rig upset throwing Mr. Brooks to the ground but not injuring him. The next car caught the horse throwing him over on the track with the rig. When Mr. Brooks got up he saw the headlight of the midnight express from the east, and he hurried to the station and had the man there signal the express to stop, which he did, and the injured horse and smashed buggy was removed. Had not Mr. Brooks exercised presence of mind and acted quickly, there might have been a bad accident, for had the through express struck the horse on the track it would in all probability, have been derailed. The horse was valued at over $150, and under the circumstances it is the opinion of many that the C.P.R. Co'y ought to recompense Mr. Brooks for his loss

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