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1927, October 18 - Crossing collision, Summerstown, CNR., Kingston sub., one fatality

Ottawa Journal 18 October 1927

Is another victim of level crossing
Train crashes into motor car on tracks.
Cornwall. Oct. 17 - James Brennan, 22, a son of Robert Brennan, of Summerstown, met an untimely death at Summerstown station when he was instantly killed by the fast express which runs between Toronto and Montreal on the Canadian National Railway.
Brennan and John Montroy had been to Williamstown in Montroy's car and after they rounded a turn in the road before crossing the tracks, Montroy stopped the car, as a freight train had been cut at the crossing to allow traffic to pass. They remarked to one another that the crossing was clear and Montroy drove ahead. When they got on the track the fast express was almost on them and while the brakes were at once put on, there was not sufficient time in which to stop the auto, and it ran into the side of the engine. Brennan was killed outright. His right arm was severed from the body his neck broken and there was a bad gash in the back of his head and a hole under his jaw-bone. Montroy miraculously escaped with scarcely a scratch, but the auto was badly damaged.
The train was stopped, but as nothing could be done, it proceeded on its way. Word was sent to Cornwall and Bert Jardine's ambulance went to the scene and conveyed the remains of the unfortunate man to Cornwall to be prepared for burial. Dr. C. A. Stewart, corner of Cornwall, was notified and will hold an inquest. This is the second member of the family to meet an untimely death on the railroad, as in May, 1916, Joseph Brennan, a brother of the present victim was killed by the M
occasin train about a mile and a half west of where this accident occurred, at a point known as Grant Crossing, while walking across the tracks.

(See 1916Summerstown.html)

Winchester Press 20 October 1927

Fatal Accident
A fatal collision between an auto and train occurred at the Canadian National Railway crossing at Summerstown, east of Cornwall, which resulted in James Brennan, aged 22, losing his life. Brennan, with a friend, James Montroy, were returning to Summerstown from Williamstown, and halted the car at the crossing till a freight train had been uncoupled to allow traffic to go by. This being done the car started across and was hit by the eastbound Toronto-Montreal express.
Montroy endeavoured to stop his car but ran into the side of the engine. Brennan was instantly killed, his right arm being severed from the body, his neck broken, as well as injuries about the head. Montroy escaped without a scratch,

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