Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1885, March 6 - Collision at Pakenham, CPR Chalk River sub. no injuries

Almonte Gazette 13 March 1885

TRAIN ACCIDENT. - on Friday night last the train leaving here at 6:34 met with a mishap at Pakenham that might have been attended with very serious consequences. The train going north was at the station at Pakenham waiting to cross a freight from the north, which was approaching the depot, when a coupler broke on the down grade, and the engine, with part of the train attached, collided with the stationary train so violently that the tender was driven up on a flat car just as clean as though it had been lifted by machinery for transportation. The engine driver and foreman of the freight train jumped off before the collision took place. The train for the north was delayed until midnight.

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Updated 20 October 2022