Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1884, August - Mixed train hits a hand car near Pembroke, CPR - no injuries

Almonte Gazette 22 August 1884

BADLY BESPATTERED. - one day last week a hand-car loaded with a quantity of groceries, several pairs of boots and thirty dozen of eggs, and propelled as usual by two men, started up the C. P. Railway track for North Bay. The articles were intended to be delivered at points along the line. All went well until the car had gone a few miles on its way, but when it was about to turn a curve the man noticed that the mixed train was in close proximity to them, and rapidly approaching. Here was a dilemma. None of the goods had been delivered, and the train was upon them. The men wisely determined to save their own lives at any rate. They accordingly jumped from the car, and not a moment too soon, for instantly the engine ran into the car with a crash. The car was a total wreck, and - well, the eggs were wrecked also! And what a sight the engine and the surrounding territory presented! Thirty adozen of eggs squashed, and liberated, and sent flying through the air! When the engine reached North Bay it's bespatteredd appearance surprised the townspeople. - Observer

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