Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1939, November 13 - Crossing collision at Kinburn, CNR., Renfrew sub., one injury, locomotive disabled

Ottawa Journal 14 November 1939

Seriously Hurt When Truck Strikes Train
Michael Dubrofsky, Moses Greenberg In Crash Near Kinburn
KINBURN, Nov. 13. Two Ottawa men were injured one of them seriously, and the locomotive on the Canadian National .Railways Pembroke-Ottawa passenger train was disabled when a truck crashed into the tender of the train at a level crossing near here at 3.30 p.m. today.
The injured were Michael Dubrofsky, 62, of 484 Rideau street, and Moses Greenberg, 28, of 78 Melton street. Dubrofsky received a severe gash on the head, several broken ribs and possible internal injuries. Be was taken to the Ottawa Civic Hospital in an ambulance - summoned from Carp. Greenberg, driver of the truck, escaped, with only slight cuts and bruises and a bad shaking up..
Broke Water Tank.
When the truck crashed into the left side of the tender, just behind the locomotive, the water tank was punctured, allowing the water to pour out. The train, due in Ottawa at 4.20 p.m, was delayed for more than an hour and a half as another locomotive had to be sent out from the city.
The accident occurred on the Kinburn side road a short distance west of Kinburn station. Moses Greenberg reported that he and Dubrofsky had just left Kinburn and were en route to Arnprior. They rounded a slight curve in approaching the crossing and the driver did not notice the train until the truck was almost on the tracks. He was unable to stop in time and although he applied his brakes the vehicle skidded into the side of the moving train.
Train Was Slowing Down.
The train, in charge of Engineer William Cooper, 617 Chapel street, Ottawa, and Conductor Peter J. Maloney 87 Main street, Ottawa East, was slowing down for Kinburn station at the time and was brought to a stop within a short distance. The engine crew did not notice the truck until a moment before the crash occurred.
Dr. A. B. Hyndman, M.P,[sic] of Carp, was called and he rendered first aid to the injured men before ordering Dubrofsky taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Greenberg went to the city aboard the train.
Engaged in cattle buying, Greenberg and Dubrofsky had left Ottawa earlier in the day on one of their regular trips.

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