Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1976, September 5 - Vandals derail a locomotive at St. Lawrence Cement, Ottawa, CNR Alexandria subdivision

From the Ottawa Journal 7 September 1976

Vandals derail locomotive
Vandalism by youths is believed to have caused the derailment of a diesel locomotive and a 100-ton cement car at the St, Lawrence Cement Company yard on Star Top Road Sunday afternoon. Company manager Gerard Payer said that "kids" apparently released the air brakes on nine 100-ton CNR cement cars, causing them to roll 1,000 feet down their siding. The cars, with a weight totalling 900 tons, rammed into a company-owned  diesel, sending it crashing through a guardrail at the end of the siding, Mr. Payer said. The diesel was forced into a ditch about 8 feet from Innis Road, The first loaded cement car jumped the tracks and flipped onto its left side. Mr. Payer was not able to give an immediate estimate of damage. There were no injuries.

From the Ottawa Citizen 7 September 1976

(with photo)
Untethered flight
Officials at the St. Lawrence Cement Company are blaming vandals for this train accident that occurred about 3 p.m., Monday. A company spokesman said today that "kids" released air brakes on nine freight cars on a siding on their Innis Road, property. The cars rolled about 1,000 feet down the track, picking up the shuttle engine along the way. When the cars came to the stopper at the end of the line they snapped it off, pushing the engine into the ditch and causing one car to flip over.

Note - it would have been the hand brake which was tampered with

The pictures below were taken by Paul Bown 

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