Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1936, September 30 - Two baggage cars and a mail car derailed mear Manotick, Prescott subdivision

Ottawa Journal  Thursday 1 October 1936

Three Hours' Delay in Toronto Run Results.
Due to the derailment of three cars caused by a broken rail at mileage 10. between Gloucester and Manotick, at 11.50 o'clock Wednesday evening, The Ottawa-Toronto  pool train was delayed three hours. Officials state that the baggage, mail and express cars were partially derailed and were retumed to the tracks through the efforts of the train crew. Workers in the mail car were jolted, but no injuries were reported.
The night pool train left Union Station at 1135 o'clock last night en route to its first stop at Kemptville.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Railway express car was suddenly derailed at 11 50. pulling a Canadian National express car and the mail car with it. The Engineer, G. Yelland of Ottawa, immediately braked the train.
Ottawa and Smiths Falls were notified of the mishap and the Canadian Pacific operating officials ordered auxiliary engines to the scene, but the train crew managed to get the derailed cars back on the track, without any assistance. The crew worked in a downpour and no time was lost through utilization of standard equipment.
The crew in charge of the train were Conductor D. Kennedy, of Toronto and Engineer G. Yelland. of Ottawa.
Ten feet of rail were found to be split and the wheels of the cars ripped fish plates snd ties along the track at intervals for about 400 yards

Ottawa Journal  Friday 2 October 1936

Board Investigates Derailment
The Board of Railway Commissioners, it was learned Thursday, is investigating the partial derailment of three cars on the Toronto-Ottawa pool train which occurred near Manotlck, 16 miles south of here.
An official of the board said three baggage and express cars ware derailed. No on was injured.
A broken rail was said to have been the cause of the accident. Tha train crew was able to work the cars back on to the track without assistance of a wrecking crew summoned from Ottawa..

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