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1935, July 5 - Circus Parade Cancelled Because Trains Late in Arriving at Ottawa

Ottawa Journal  5 July, 1935

Call Off Parade As Trains Reach Ottawa Too Late
Thousands of children who waited hours for circus turnout were greatly disappointed.

As their three special trains were five hours late in reaching the Capital and with the chief of police ruling that no parade could be held after the noon hour, Cole Brothers Circus were unable to stage their parade this morning, and thousands of Ottawa children, who lined the streets were keenly disappointed.
Although they were prepared to go ahead with the parade immediately on the arrival here the circus authoritiess were advised against holding it, as it would congest traffic in uptown streets at one of the busiest times of the day.

Cause of delay.

Seen by The Journal the management of the circus stated the delay in arriving here had been caused by the fact that the special trains had to be routed on a round about way to the capital owing to the so many low bridges on the main line between here and Brockville, where they had been playing yesterday.
Frequent delays had also been caused by hot boxes on the large cars which transport their mass of equipment from city to city.
Chief of Police Joliat said the circus people, when they were given permission to hold a parade a few days ago, had promised him they would have it over by 12 o'clock. He had made that stipulation on account of the fact he did not want any unnecessary traffic congestion at the noon hour.

Chief's Ruling.

The chief also pointed out that with the closing of parliament it was impossible for him to give permission to have a parade after 12 o'clock.
Thousands of children lined the announced route of the parade this morning, but they were disappointed when circus employees came along and said there would be no parade.
However, they flocked to Plouffe Park to watch the work of erecting the "big top," and the numerous other tents which will house the multitudinous attractions of the circus.
Shortly after the arrival of the first train at 11 o'clock the work of unloading the circus equipment was begun, and was watched by thousands of people anxious to get a glimpse of the many wild animals and circus performers.
There are hundreds of performers in this season's circus, and equally as many trained animals. Scores of superbly schooled horses representing Europe's finest equestrian acts form a big new feature; another includes forty dancing horses and forty dancing girls, including many Mexican senoritas.
The glorious fairyland spectacle the "Serenade of Spain," a gorgeous processional fiesta depicting charm and romance serves as a prelude to the circus proper. This spectacular extravaganza excels in magnificence, brilliancy, gorgeousness in beauty, the glories of any spectacle yet staged by this circus. Almost a trainload of scenery, paraphernalia, bewitching costumes, marvellous lighting effects and astounding accessories are carried. There will be upwards of one thousand men, women, horses, elephants and camels, including a hundred beautiful dancing girls, great choirs of trained singers, vast orchestras and golden toned organs. The magnificent wardrobe represents an expenditure of $70,000. It is the triumph of triumphs in colossal productions and daily amazes and thrills thousands. It forms but a single feature of this super circus.
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Ottawa Citizen 5 July 1935

Show Goes On But Parade Cancelled As Circus Delayed
Thousands Disappoimted  When Street Procession Called Off. Show This Afternoon and Tonight.
Several hours behind schedule. the Cole Bros.-Clyde Beatty Circus arrived in Ottawa this morning too late to stage the street parade which was set for 11 o'clock. As a result, thousands of circus fans, young and old alike, who lined the route of the procession were disappointed. The parade was called off shortly before 11 o'clock when circus authorities notified the police department that owing to the late arrival it would be impossible to have the parade and still be in readiness for the afternoon show at two o'clock.
At the circus lot on Plouffe Park. Somerset and Preston streets, the first section of the circus train was placed in position shortly before 11 o'clock and the work of setting up the "big top" was quickly underway. Hundreds of children and grownups were present to watch this work being carried out. Eatly this afternoon the lost time had been made up and the show went on with good crowds in attendance.
Delay at Cornwall.
The circus played Brockville yesterday where considerable time was lost in loading and as if this was not sufficient, the train was further delayed at Cornwall where one of the large cars was found to have a hot box. This necessitated a halt of over half an hour. The train arrived at the Bank street yard of the CN R. at 10.14 and within half an hour it had been broken into sections and was placed on the sidings at Plouffe Park. The train came from Brockville via Coteau Junction.
 In addition to the show presented this afternoon, a second performance will be given at eight o clock tonight.

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