Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1965, May 30 - Four injuries in collision with a car at Hinchey Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub.

From the Ottawa Citizen 31 May 1965

Car hits train, 4 persons injured
Four young people Sunday night narrowly missed adding to the death toll .from car-train collisions in the Scott Street area.
All four were injured when the car they were travelling in collided with CPR's east-bound Trans-continental passenger train.
The accident occurred at a crossing on Hinchey Avenue where warning wig wags are in operation.
Most seriously injured was Lyette Barrette, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Barrette of 214 St. Anne St., Eastview. She received a fractured thigh bone and is reported in satisfactory condition at Civic Hospital.
Admitted to hospital
Claude Lamothe, 20, driver of the car, suffered head injuries and was admitted to hospital for observation. His brother Gerard, 19, was treated and released. They are the sons of CPR conductor Lionel and Mrs. Lamothe of 51 Whitburn Cres., in Nepean Township.
Lise Lepage, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Lepage of 127 Carruthers Ave., was admitted with facial lacerations and bruises.
The car was travelling south towards Scott with its four occupants when the collision occurred.
The right front of the car took the main force of the impact and the vehicle was spun around. It smashed into a '"no parking" sign and tore through a fence, coming to rest upright and facing west in a lot on the east side of Hinchey, about 40 ft. from the point of impact.
Train engineer Gerald Greenham, 55, of 198 Hinton Ave., said the train was not going over 25 mph at the time.

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