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1944, February 26 - Canadian National - Cardinal

Montreal.  William Eccles of Montreal, engineer on an eastbound express and passenger train, was killed today when his train collided with derailed cars of a westbound freight train 1 1-2 miles east of Cardinal, Ont., Canadian National Railway officials announced here. 
The 95-car freight train was just abreast of the eastbound train on double tracking when about 25 cars were derailed.  The eastbound train collided with the cars.
A fireman, W. Houle, of Verdun. Que., was "slightly injured," but there were no passengers hurt, railway officials said.
Seven express cars and two coaches on the eastbound express and passenger train were derailed when it collided with the freight cars.  Cause of the freight car derailment was not known, officials said, and an investigation will be conducted.
A relief train pulled the coaches to Brockville and they were re-routed to Montreal.

From the Ottawa Journal  Saturday 26 February

Toronto-Montreal Express Smashes Into Freight
MONTREAL, Feb. 26. (BUP A locomotive engineer was killed beneath his toppled engine and the fireman and two express messengers slightly injured when a rare, split-second coincidence fouled the Montreal- bound Canadian National No.18 passenger train as it passed a 95-car westbound freight at 3.55 o'clock this morning one and a half miles east of Cardinal, Ont. No passengers were injured.
At the moment No. 18 passed, 25 cars in the middle of the freight jumped the rails and fouled the eastbound track, Canadian National offices here announced.
Killed Under Engine;.
The passenger locomotive plowed into them and toppled on its side. The engineer, William Eccles. of Montreal, was killed beneath his engine. The injured fireman is W. Houle, of Verdun. Que. Names of the express messengers were not available here.
Seven express cars and two day coaches of No. 18 were derailed but stayed upright. The remainder of the coaches, at the rear of the train, were hauled back into Brockville by a relief train sent from there, and are due to arrive in Montreal at 1.30 p.m., today.  No. 18 left Toronto at 9.30 p.m. Friday and was due in Montreal at 6.30 a.m.
Two sleeping car sections of Canadian National No. 16 passenger train leaving Toronto at 11 p.m. were rerouted at Brockville and are due in Montreal at 2.30 : and 3 p.m. today.
Cause of the derailment was being investigated. The derailed cars began at the 50th car from the locomotive.
Cardinal reported that the wreck tore down telegraph wires.

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