Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1917, June 3 - A freight train is derailed at Mountain, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision by a broken rail.  I killed.

Chesterville Record, 7 June 1917

Life was lost in a singular manner at Mountain Station on Sunday when sectionman Coghler was killed by the cars of a train toppling over on him.  It appears that Coghler had been for some time at the grade crossing either warning people of approaching trains or keeping tab on how many vehicles crossed at that point in a given time for information in an application to have a warning bell installed there, and had just left and going west on the north track was passed when about 500 yards west of the station by an east bound freight laden with wheat which at that point left the rails tumbling sixteen cars of wheat on the opposite track, under one of which Coghler was caught.  Both tracks were blocked for a considerable time until auxiliary crews from both directions had arived and effected a clearance.  The cause of the accident is attributed to a broken rail.

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