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1937, May 13 - Man Escapes by jumping from rear of train at Wyman, CPR., Waltham Sub.

Ottawa Citizen 13 May 1937

? Man Escapes ? Jumping From Rear End of Train

CAMPBELL'S BAY, Que., May 13. While being returned from the jail here to Montreal penitentiary by Provincial Officer Ubald Legault, Phydime Simard of Hull, who was serving a sentence of several years at Montreal and had been brought back here as a crown, witness against Emile Rossignol of Hull, escaped from the train at Wyman station at 8.24 standard time, this morning. Officer Legault got in touch with the sheriff. Charles Belec, who immediately left for Wyman. accompanied by High Constable Michael St. Germain. Gatineau county officers and the Hull city police are also co-operating in the search.

Rossignol on Tuesday was sentenced to one year in jail at Campbell's Bay by Judge Roland Millar when he was found guilty on two charges of stealing lumber. Another accused, Henri Cote, who was jointly charged with Rossignol, was acquitted.

In Hull police court today. Rosignol pleaded guilty to a charge of theft of $20 goods from L. A. Charbonneau's store, Hull, and was sentenced to one year, the sentence to run concurrently with that at Campbell's Bay.

According to Detective Legault. Simard jumped from the back of the train and fell on the tracks. He seemed to have been slightly injured in his jump. Before the train could be stopped and Detective Legault reach the place where Simard had jumped, the latter had escaped in a nearby bush.
Simard three months ago was sentenced to two years in St. Vincent de Paul penitentiary after he pleaded guilty to several charges of robbery in Hull city.

Ottawa Citizen 8 June 1937

Hull Man Given Further 6 Months For Escaping
CAMPBELL'S BAY, Que., June 8. Phydime Slmard, of Hull, was today given a six months sentence in magistrate's court by Judge Roland L. Millar. Simard, who was serving a two-year sentence for theft, in Bordeaux prison, at Montreal, had been brought here as a witness for the Crown in the case of theft against Henri Cote and Emile Rossignol, both of Hull. While being returned to the Montreal prison by Provincial Detective Ubald Legault, he escaped from the local C.P.R. train at Wyman station on May 13 and was recaptured by Sheriff Charles Belec, High Constable Michael St. Germain and Detective Legault the following evening about three miles from where he had escaped.
He was returned here last evening by Detective Legault and on appearing this morning pleaded guilty to a charge of escaping from custody and asked for a speedy hearing. The six months sentence received this morning does not run concurrently but means he will have to serve an additional six months. He is being returned to Montreal this afternoon by Detective Legault.

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