Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area 

1925, September 18 - Crossing collision at Winchester, CPR., Winchester sub., one man and two horses killed.

Winchester Press 24 September 1925

Man and Horses Killed at Fulton's Crossings
A fatal accident occurred at A. H. Fulton's farm, just east of the Maple Ridge Cemetery, on Friday morning last when Edgar Jones, an Englishman aged 33 years, who was working for Mr. Fulton, was almost instantly killed and the team of horses he was driving killed, when struck by the fast C. P. R. express that daily passes here about 11.30 o'clock.
It appears that Jones was driving a team of horses across the private crossing on the farm of A. H. Fulton, for whom he worked, when he was struck by C. P. R. express No. 19 which, it is estimated, was travelling at a speed of 60 miles an hour. This train is one of the fastest on the Montreal - Toronto run. The fender of engine struck the cart near the front wheel and literally tore cart and horses to pieces.
The express was stopped and backed up to the crossing where Jones was found lying by the tracks with his skull crushed in, a terrible wound in his back and his left leg mangled. He was taken aboard and attended by a doctor on the train but died while being rushed to Smiths Falls without regaining consciousness. An inquest was held at Smiths Falls.
Jones was a very industrious young Englishmen. He came out to this country four years ago and had worked for A. H. Fulton. He has no relatives in this country. He was 33 years of age. Both horses were killed outright. It is supposed that Jones was on the load of corn and did not hear the approach of the express.

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