Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1943, December 28 - Osvald Stein Killed at Rigaud, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub.

From the Ottawa Citizen 28 December 1943

Think Man Killed Was Osvald Stein Official of I.L.0.
MONTREAL. Dec. 28. (CP.) A man believed to be Osvald Stein, assistant director of the International Labor office here, was killed near Rigaud, Que., 40 miles west of here, today, apparently in a fall from a Canadian Pacific Railways Ottawa-Montreal train.
Railway officials identified the man as Osvald Stein, but said they had no indication as to whether he had been connected with the I.L.O. An I.L.O. spokesman said however, that "we are practically certain he is our Mr. Stein," and the I.L.O. sent staff members to Rigaud immediately to see if the body could be identified.
Had Been in Ottawa.
Description of the man killed as supplied by the C.P.R. tallied closely with that of Mr. Stein, a heavy six-foot man of about 55 years of age. The I.L.O. added that he had planned to take the train on which the man was killed.
The dead man was found on the railway right-of-way about 140 feet west of the station platform at Rigaud. Railway officials expressed belief he had opened a coach door himself ready to descend as the train came into the station, and had slipped under the wheels.
Czecho-Slovak Citizen.
Mr. Stein, a Czecho-Slovak citizen, has been associated with the I.L.O. for 21 years, and has been assistant director since 1942. Prior to last year he was chief of the Social Security section of the international office, and during his 21 years with the I.L.O. has been mostly closely linked with social security work.
In 1942 he went to England to testify before the Beveridge committee, and in his social security report Sir William Beveridge paid tribute to the assistance given by the I.L.O. through Mr. Stein. His most closely linked with social months ago when he went to Venezuela to help the government draft legislation to implement a social security law.
On his way back to Montreal, he testified before various sections of the United Nations rehabilitation and relief conferences at Atlantic City.

The role of Osvald Stein in the History of the I.L.O.   This link provided by Lorraine Chevrier

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