Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1957, February 15 - 13 cars derail at a collision at a highway crossing, Canadian Pacific, Cornwall subdivision, no injuries.

Ottawa Citizen  15 February 1957

Two Miss Death in Railway Crash
ALEXANDRIA, (Special) Thirteen of 22 freight ears were derailed and two men narrowly escaped death in a train and tractor-collision near here last night.
The collision happened 10 miles south on Highway No. 34, at Glen Gordon.
The driver and owner of the vehicle loaded wlih 14 tons of bailed hay was August Quintin of St. Johns, Que., who was proceeding south in the direction of Lancaster.
Mr. Quintin who told The Citizen that he didn't see the train approach, was in the cab when the train struck and dragged the truck along the track for about 1200 feet. His only injuries were a few scratches to the head. The vehicle was completely demolished.
Thrown Into Hay
A passenger in the truck, Lucien Dubois of Iberville, was thrown clear and landed in the hay which was spilled for a considerable distance. He was uninjured.
The freight train makes a daily run from Cornwall to St. Polycarpe. It's the only run made on the single-track. The accident occurred shortly after 7 p.m.
The crossway is clear and there are no buildings to obstruct the view.
The 13 derailed freight-cars remained upright. The remaining cars on the track blocked the crossway, halting traffic on the highway for nearly two hours. Farmers in the district pulled them away with teams of horses and chains.
Tracks were badly twisted and maintenance crews, sent from Montreal last night, are expected to work on them for 24 hours.
The train conductor was Melvin Henry of CornwalL Jim Rain of Smiths Falls was the engineer and Kenneth McNeely, also from Smiths Falls, was the fireman. .
Investigating the collision is OPP Constable R. W, Cughan of the Lancaster detachment.

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