Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1933, December 22 - Crossing Collision Cyrville, CPR., Montreal and Ottawa sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 22 December 1933

Engine Driver's Quick Decision Saves Trucker
James Johnston, Engineer Of Montreal Ottawa C.P.R. Noon Train, Avoids Accident Near Cyrville.
Skidding Triuck Had Rested Across Rails
Engine Truck Line. Used as Tow TruckTo Clear The Line

Alertness and quick action on the part of James Johnston. 67 Ross avenue. Ottawa, engineer in charge of the Montreal-Ottawa C.P.R, train which arrived in the city at noon, was responsible for the fortunate escape shortly before 12 o'clock today of arvey [sic] Steen, 174 Arthur street, a driver of one of the Canada Bread Company's trucks. The truck driven by Steen had swung from the slippery roadway at a railway crossing near Cyrville and came to rest in the ditch with the front part of the vehicle resting on the tracks, and directly in the path of the speeding train.

Engineer Johnston, although he did not notice the vehicle leaving the road, saw the truck as his train approached and immediately applied the emergency brakes, bringing the locomotive to a stop within less than a foot of the stalled machine. Aided by his fireman, Milton Denison. of 64 Bell street, and the driver of the truck, a chain was attached from the front of the locomotive to the auto and with the "big mogul" acting as a towing truck, the right-of-way was cleared, allowing the train to proceed towards the Capital.

In attempting to drive the car back on to the roadway a few moments later, it was overturned and slightly damaged but with the aid of a team of horses Steen was able to right his vehicle and return to Ottawa.

Engineer Johnston, who has been an engineer In the employ of the C.P.R. for many years, is the father of the late Orvllle Johnston, widely known orchestra leader, who met death In a diving accident at Morrisburg. Ont., last summer.

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